Bourganel France

Brasserie Bouganel is located in the spa town of Vals les Bains in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Monts d’Ardèche in southeast France. The brewery was founded in 2000 by Christian Bourganel in order to showcase local ingredients from the Ardèche region, which is known for its rich agricultural traditions. Orchards and vineyards dominate the landscape, but it is chestnut cultivation that takes center stage here. Approximately 50 percent of French chestnuts come from this small region, located north of Provence. The Ardèche chestnut is so important that is has its own Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) just like many other prized agricultural products from France. The Bourganel brewery incorporates these chestnuts, and other local products, into their beers, which are brewed with the mineral-rich waters from the local volcanic springs, leading author Tim Hampson to describe them as “one of the most interesting breweries in the world” in The Beer Book.

Brasserie Bourganel is a member of the French Craft Brewers association.


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Bourganel Biere au Nougat

A clear, bright, deep yellow lager with a fine, persistent white head, Bourganel au Nougat sports balanced nougat aromas and flavors of barley malt, hops, and real cream of nougat. This light and delicious beer was awarded the product innovation award from Biere Magazine in…

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