Brodie's Beer England

In June 2008 Jamie and Lizzie Brodie took over the abandoned Sweet William Brewery in East London. After six weeks hard work cleaning, replacing missing equipment, and fixing up what was left, Brodie’s beers was born.

The first beer was brewed on the 8th of August, and it was based on a recipe that Jamie used to brew in his bath at home. They produce traditional beers with a modern slant, and after more than 150 different beers Brodie’s is still going strong. In the process they have become one of the hottest breweries in all of England, collaborating with many other breweries including Kernel, Fanø, and Mikkeller.


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BRODIES Hoxton Special

Brodie’s Hoxton Special IPA

Intense pineapplely powerhouse of an American/Antipodean hybrid IPA.

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