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From the brewery’s website:

Nils Oscar Sundberg, who is depicted in our well-known brand, is the genuine article. He was grandfather to the current owner of the Nils Oscar Company and was born in the very north part of Sweden in 1865. Hard times and poor living conditions forced him to emigrate to America where he worked as a tenant farmer and learned to cultivate crops. After 18 years he returned to his native Sweden, got married and bought his family estate. Up until World War I he farmed both in the us and Sweden with good help of his beloved wife.

Our philosophy is to run the entire processing chain on a small scale from the fields of Tärnö Manor to the bottle. Tärnö is located in an area of natural beauty in a rolling, open landscape forms the basis of our activities. We cultivate the four varieties of grain here; corn, wheat, rye and oats which are then used as main ingredients in Nils Oscar’s products.

The focus in Tärnö is on the environment and quality. Evidence of this comes from the fact that Tärnö was the first Swedish agricultural area to be ISO 9002 certified for quality standards. In addition, all of the farmland has a six meter wide environmental zone that contributes to reduced emissions, and allows flora and fauna to thrive in its own natural micro biota.

The malthouse is housed in a building from the 18th century, but is nevertheless one of the most modern in Europe. Here we produce malt that is krav labeled(Organic Production Monitoring Assoc.) for use in our in-house beer and spirits manufacturing process. Furthermore, we supply special malt to several of our major bakeries in the Nordic Region. New research shows that malt supplies many times the amount of minerals and nutrients to the body compared to normal grain.

Tärnö expresses its character in spirits and beer. Just as the Scottish whiskey distillers do, we use our own malt and distill our mash in a pot still to attain the required taste. The in-house produced malt and distillation of the mash produces the unsurpassed taste of Nils Oscar alcoholic beverages. With respect to beer, it is our clear objective to utilize the unique resource we have in our own malthouse. The result is a premium beer and an exceptional beer culture that we would like to share, not just in our own country but across the world. Today, Nils Oscar is regarded as one of Scandinavia’s most well-reputed and successful micro brewers. At our highly appreciated beer tasting sessions at the brewery in Nyköping, our expert beer guides pass on this beer culture…

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