Nørrebro-Bryghus Denmark

Anders Kissmeyer, head brewmaster at Nørrebro Bryghus, had a beer revelation.

It took root in Cathedral School in Arhus, Denmark, where, as a young man, he developed an interest in chemistry engineer studies and wrote his final dissertation on “the botanic components in rye.” He went on to graduate from “Den Skadinaviske Bryggerihøjskole” (Scandinavian Brewers School), and was then hired as a quality controller in the laboratories of the large Carlsberg brewing conglomerate. While working for this large beer company, his travels took him to the United States and, more specifically, Brooklyn Brewery.

It was here that the aforementioned revelation took place. Anders met Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery and a force in American (and International) beer and food culture. Anders was amazed at Garrett’s ability to produce unique and quality beers in such a small scale operation. Anders learned that American microbreweries across the country were developing their own beer culture, inspired by — but distinctly separate from — traditional European cultures. How could these tiny start-ups create such amazing, imaginative flavors? Garrett Oliver opened up a whole new world of brewing and beer to the Danish brewer.

Anders went back to Denmark and Carlsberg determined to apply his new found knowledge to Danish beer culture. Carlsberg was not convinced. His new ideas were dismissed as a “naive dream” that had no place in Denmark. Anders left Carlsberg one year later.

We’re glad he did because this split led to the birth of Nørrebro Bryghus. The brewery focuses on diversity, brewing more than 28 varieties since their inception in 2003. The beers are inspired by the imagination of American brewing, with a focus on openness and quality ingredients. Their website states: “Our goal is to give unique experiences in taste and broaden the knowledge of and desire to drink exciting hand crafted beer — in other words, to strengthen and broaden the Danish beer culture.”

We’re excited to drink his exciting and diverse beers and are confident in supporting his claim that each one is a unique experience.


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Nørrebro Bryghus Old Odense Ale

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