Pressure Drop England

Opened by three friends in January of 2013, Pressure Drop is one of the almost 80 breweries located in England’s capital city. The brewery is located inside a railway arch in London’s borough of Hackey. They were named the #10 Best New Brewer in the World in 2013 by Rate Beer.

We finally got to try their beers while at the London Craft Brewery Festival in 2014, and loved them. They are very small, but agreed to send some beer over for our Festival in Los Angeles and a few extra kegs for a few very lucky people. Hopefully we will be able to bring you some more in the future from time to time.



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Brewery Website:



Pressure Drop Bosko

From the brewer: “Sweeter, maltier and more full-bodied than our pale ale this I.P.A. is dry-hopped with generous amounts of U.S. hops to make a balanced and drinkable I.P.A.”

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