Jim Barnes

Jim is a bit of a Europhile and loves beer. Since his 1st sip of Ballantine poured by his dad into a small 4oz. snoopy mug at the young age of 8, a passion for this liquid lay dormant for years until he happened upon BeerAdvocate.com. The quiescent beast within awoke propelling this whimsical lad into a strange, delightful world of fermented beverage. After years of working in mailrooms and film sets, Jim found himself representing Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project in New York City for a number of years. Opportunity had arisen as there was a need for an additional pair of hands with Shelton Brothers there. So Jim now spends his time working out his rusty French as he introduces bars and restaurants to the Sheltons’ newer collection of French biers as well as a number of their other kooky European brands.

He also joins in with the Sheltons’ propensity for music as he spins the odd record about town at various beer events. When he isn’t talking/drinking beer, you can find him digging through crates looking for the perfect Soviet-era Russian metal record or the obscure German disco 45.

It’s with this truly kooky combination of passions that Jim is grateful to join this dynamic team to bring the most unique and best possible beers to you from around the globe.

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