Epic Brewery New Zealand

So why “Epic”? Straight from the brewer’s mouth:

Well, there are a few reasons why Epic was chosen for the name of the company and beers.

Epic Flavor – It reflected the way I like to brew beer. I like to have big aromas, flavors, and taste in the beers.

Epic Challenge – To start a new beer brand in this day and age, in a mature market, dominated by multinationals with huge resources, and the public perception that beer is a low value commodity, is a big challenge.

Epic Journey – everyone that lives in New Zealand, or traveled here for a holiday, they at some point in their or their ancestors lives had to make an epic journey. Whether it be by canoe or commercial airliner, they traveled a great distance to the end of the world to be in this beautiful country of New Zealand.


HOW TO OPEN A BEER THE NEW ZEALAND WAY (these guys love Epic):


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Brewery Website: http://www.epicbeer.com/


Epic Hop Zombie

Hops have taken over the world. Permeated the senses of the minions. Hop Zombies now roam the streets. Lupulin ichor oozing from ravaged legions. Gorging, gouging, masticating. Salivating over insane hop flavours and aromas. The time is nigh. No more festering away in hopless oblivion….

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