Loch Ness Brewery Scotland

Sadly Loch Ness went out of business in the spring of 2016. We will miss their lovely cask beers and Steve’s brilliant smile.





Here is our old description of Loch Ness.

Vast and unfathomable, Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands has long held its reputation as a dark and mysterious stretch of water, blessed with mythical healing powers, and home to the world’s most infamous monster – ‘Nessie’.

At Loch Ness Brewery, we harness the power of this water at its source to brew our award winning ales, to be enjoyed by free thinkers and beer drinkers everywhere.

It all started as an experiment: could we produce a quality beer for our hotel, The Benleva, that would taste great, and become a real feature in the bar? Turns out we could, and very soon it became clear we had a knack for brewing good beer, so we took the experiment further. Since 2011 our brewery has grown rapidly, and you will find our beers all over the UK, as well as overseas. At Loch Ness Brewery we don’t worry about fashion or fads, our passion has always been to brew quality beer for everyone to enjoy.

We take great inspirition from our beautiful surroundings, located as we are on the banks of the world famous Loch Ness. This mysterious highland loch, the biggest in Scotland, is quite literally the source of our award winning range, as the soft highland water allows us to extract the maximum amount of flavour from the carefully selected malts and hops that we use, making it a key feature in the character of our beers.

It’s all about making the best possible beer. Our brewing style has one foot in the British Cask Ale tradition, but we also take influences from our travels around the world, utilising the skills we’ve learned from other brewers and inspiration from the many beers we’ve tasted. We are always working on new styles and look forward to the direction these beers can take us in, but what really matters is the quality of the beer in your hand. The most important factor is you, the drinker, and that will always be our focus.

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Brewery Website: http://www.lochnessbrewery.com/


Loch Ness LochNESS

From the brewer: “A deep, dark ale, with Wheat, Amber and Chocolate malts combining beautifully with clear Loch Ness water and ‘Nessie’ – our very own yeast strain. Rich ruby in colour, with toasted malt and berry aromas, and hints of chocolate, malt and oats…

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