Kevin Brooks

Kevin came to Shelton Brothers in 2010, after a twenty year career in television production. He’s edited programming for a variety of outlets over the years including: NBC, MSNBC, CNN, MTV, VH1, DIY, A&E, Discovery and History. He even worked on a music video for Michael Jackson, which was banned by MTV (back when they played music.)

How does one go from making television shows to importing beer? It’s not as strange as it seems. Kevin started by developing a love for British beer in the mid-1980s. As his career in broadcasting developed, so did his taste for better beer. The two passions collided when he directed & produced an award winning feature-length documentary about lambics. The film resulted in friendships with brewers Jean Van Roy, Armand Debelder, Yvan DeBaets, and perhaps most important Dan Shelton. The rest is history.

Now Kevin is the Shelton’s sales rep for the Mid-Atlantic region, as well as serving as the company’s British and Scottish beer specialist. When time allows Kevin produces the beer videos you will find on the Shelton Brothers website and our Youtube channel. He spends his free time playing with his children and occasionally doing outside video projects, most recently for Stone Phillips Reports and the United Nations.

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