Sahtipaja Sweden

From Sahtipaja:

MISSION: We are not aiming to make the best beer, mead nor cider in the World but rather beverages our customers find enjoyable and worth buying. To see that happy face of enjoyment on our customers’ faces after the first sip is all we care about.

STORY: I have my roots in Hämeenlääni in Finland, where Sahti tradition is very strong and Sahti is still brewed locally by farmers for their own joy and also for others to be enjoyed in bigger wedding and anniversary parties. Since I have worked many years ago as a black smith the name Sahtipaja was natural for me, Paja meaning a Smith. So Sahtipaja is a Sahti Smith.

We are a startup brewery located 45 kilometers South East of Gothenburg in a small country village named Sätila. Our final brew system will be 300 liters and we aim to produce partly beer for the local market both for the state monopoly, restaurants and food stores (low alcohol) but also include lines of sour beers, wild beers and barrel aged beers in our production.

–Timo Krjukoff




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Sahtipaja Barbie

A 6.50% rhubarb lambic inspired beer.

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