Gänstaller/KCBC/Pretty Things/Rockaway Perseverator

Gänstaller Bräu Germany

A beer as unique and complex as the planning that went into its creation, Perseverator Red Doppelbock utilizes 6 different malts, 4 varieties of hop, and the skillful hands of 4 world-class brewers.

A trio of Americans recently descended upon the historic Gänstaller Bräu in rural Franconia to take part in the uber-traditional crafting of this very special bock, brewed the old way by double decoction and coolship. Their mix of Emmer, Einkorn, Pils, Melanoidin, Cara Red, and dark Caramalt gives the beer a beautiful amber-red glow, while the addition of Huell Melon to the classic Hallertauer hop base adds a distinctive fruitiness. Finally, a dry-hopping of Mosaic & Citra lend balance and a subtle nod to the modern-day craft palate.

Perhaps most importantly, there is the trademark Gänstaller mouthfeel– round, and full-bodied.

Style: Doppelbock

ABV: 8.10%

Packaging: 30L KeyKegs

Brewer Website: www.ganstallerbrau.de

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