Godspeed Otsukaresama

Godspeed Brewery Canada

This 4.8% Dortmunder Export is their flagship beer. German malt, German hops, Candian water. This pale lager from the industrial city of Dortmund is a simple beer of balance: spice and citrus atop a humble foundation of malt, no ingredient shouting too loud and all in service of clarity. A full mouthfeel softens the moderate hoppiness and accentuates the delicate malt profile. A long and cold maturation creates a crisp and refreshing beer that finishes clean. End your day like a Dortmunder: sweat on your brow and a beer in your hand.

Style: Lager

ABV: 4.8%

Packaging: Unikeg (30L)

Brewer Website: https://godspeedbrewery.com/

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