Guineu No Sucks

Ca l'Arenys (Guineu) Spain

The brewers at Ca L’Arenys have come up with a fantastico new offering, NO SUCKS. Before everyone racks their brain trying to uncover the hidden meaning here, we’ll let the Guineu fox out of the bag and tell you it’s a subtle Catalonian play on the words “no Saccharomyces” – indicating, of course, a wild yeast beer made instead with Kluyveromyces! Per the great tradition at Ca L’Arenys, this is a low abv (3.3%) ale that’s packed with flavor & character-just the kind of beer we love to drink in moderate excess.

We sampled this magnífica brew for the first time at the X Mostra de Cervesa de MEDIONA, held each June in the Catalan mountain town of the same name. The “Mediona Festival” is perhaps our favorite small beer event in the world, and we very highly recommend you get there. You might pop into nearby Barcelona while you’re at it.

Style: Wild Ale

ABV: 3.30%

Packaging: 330 ml bottles, 30L kegs

Brewer Website:

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