Mahr’s Leicht

Mahr's Bräu Germany

Fewer calories than a Bud Light, fewer carbs than Michelob Ultra . . . but Mahr’s Leicht actually tastes like beer!

Frankly, we here at Shelton Brothers don’t really buy into the low-carb fad, at least as it pertains to beer. The issue in trying to maintain that figure while keeping your favorite bartender solvent is not carbs — it’s alcohol, and those other beers are loaded with it. At only 2.8%, on the other hand, Mahr’s Leicht is the perfect beer for the active or weight-conscious drinker who doesn’t want to sacrifice flavor.

Give this one a try . . . . we think you’ll be amazed at how good a low-alcohol beer can be.

Style: Light Beer

ABV: 2.8%

Packaging: 500 ml bottles

Brewer Website:

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