Chicago, The Shelton Brothers Way

Dozens of Shelton Brothers and hangers-on are off to Chicago this week for an extended drinking session. It’s called the Craft Brewer’s Conference.Just like last year in Boston, lots of our beer-friends from around the U.S. and around the world will be there with us, including brewers, importers from Europe and Japan, and notable beer enthusiasts.

Brewers we expect to see include, in no particular order:

Luke Nicholas (Epic Brewing, New Zealand)
Carl Vasta (Tuatara Brewery, New Zealand)
Mikkel Borg Bjergsø (Mikkeller, Denmark)
Anders Kissmeyer (late of Nørrebro, Denmark)
Stephane Ostiguy and JF Gravel (Dieu du Ciel!, Quebec)
Kjetil Jikiun (Nøgne Ø, Norway)
Jacob and Morten (Amager Bryghus, Denmark)
Frederick Tremblay (Microbrasserie Charlevoix, Quebec)
Bob Sylvester (Saint Somewhere, U.S.)
Bryan Baird (Baird Brewing, Japan)
Narihiro-San (Ise Kadoya, Japan)
Yvan De Baets (Brasserie de la Senne, Belgium)
Nino Bacelle (Brouwerij De Ranke, Belgium)
Peter Scholey (Ridgeway Brewing, U.K.)
Ron Jeffries (Jolly Pumpkin, U.S.)

Our big bang-up event, where everyone will go to see and be seen, is on Friday, April 9th, at a joint called, appropriately, The Local Option. We hope to see every single person we know there at some point in the evening. This will also be an informal launch of the first hands-on brews from several small New Zealand breweries to arrive in America. The brewers of Epic and Tuatara will be on hand, along with a wide selection of their beers, and some other beers from Kiwi brewers who couldn’t be with us this time.

The Local Option is located at:

1102 W Webster Ave
(773) 348-2008

Local Option will be our fall-back position every day, starting on Tuesday, the 6th. A large percentage of our vast contingent will be there on any given night.

There will also be numerous specific events for various brewers on various dates at various locations around town. Please check out the list at:

Finally, to top it all off — now don’t go into hysterics, please — this week will mark the first appearance of the three original Shelton Brothers on one stage at one time. The biological Shelton Brothers — Joel, Will, and Dan (listed in the order in which their mother loves them, from most to least, currently) — will be drinking diligently, and available every night, at Local Option. For a private audience, call Dan at 413-627-4081, or Will at 413-627-4080, and we shall do our utmost to squeeze you in.

In person, the Brothers have been described as “shining with all the wit and sophistication of Moe, Larry, and Curly.” (Times of London.) Others have noted “sheer talent and good looks to rival Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.” (Modern Bride.) Still others have been struck by their “sunny exuberance and pure mop-top charm, evoking John, Paul, and Ringo, unburdened by George, who was, frankly, a well-known drag.” (Popular Mechanics.) They have also been likened by many observers to the cinematic Three Amigos, though they can barely stand each other.

You’ve seen Will. You’ve seen Dan. You may even once have seen Will and Dan. But you’ve never seen Will, Dan, and Joel before. Don’t forget to take your medication.

The Brothers will be wrestled to the ground, bound, and sedated, as necessary, by their colleagues Matt, Tessa, Christian, B.R., Ron, Lauren, and Marie, who will be on call for the whole week. Come down and meet the whole gang.

Merci, et à bientôt!

Les Frères Shelton

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