Festival Beer List 2017!

Finally, we have the beer list for The Festival 2017! Just a few TBDs to fill in, so stay tuned. We’ve also created this handy-dandy Excel version of the list, for those of you who might want to make notes or do other Excel-y things. Click this link to download:

Festival Beer Excel (updated 8.15.2017)

18th Street
S1: Mr. Bright & Sex and Candy
S2: Rise of the Angels & Zero Discipline

7venth Sun
VIP: Intergalactic & Project Popsicle
S1: Intergalactic Pale Ale (Pale Ale with Galaxy hops) & Barrel-aged I Am Your Creator (Barrel-aged Baltic Porter)
S2: Project Popsicle (IPA with Idaho 7 hops) & Do You Even Sudachi Bro? (Berliner Weisse w/ sudachi fruit)

8 Wired
VIP: Wild Feijoa & Gypsy Funk
S1: Cucumber Hippy Berliner & Saison Sauvin
S2: Cucumber Hippy Berliner & Wireless Black

VIP: Pommeaux
S1: Appley Brut (Méthode Champenoise cider) & Blackbird (black currant and elderberry cider)
S2: Barn Swallow (English-style cider) & Perry (Méthode Champenoise perry)

Against the Grain
S1: Bo & Luke & Johann Paycheque
S2: Citra Ass Down & Olive You (olive pit- and olive wood-smoked ale)

S1: Cuvée & Resurgam
S2: Cuvée & Resurgam

S1: Hr. Frederiksen Væsel Brunch & Psychotronic Popcorn (grisette w/ popcorn, collaboration w/ Forest & Main)
S2: Ganz Besonders (raspberry Berliner Weisse) & Game of Arms (collaboration w/ Cigar City)

American Solera
VIP: Cranbarrel
S1: Passion Foeder & Foederville
S2: Balaton Key & Preacher Seat (sour stout)

S1: 2013 Perennial Cider & Ginger Perry
S2: Apple Bomb Cider & Vinho Pearde Perry

Arizona Wilderness
VIP: Bush & Vine
S1: Graham’s Watermelon Gose & Tiny Wooden Ships (saison)
S2: Blanc (pilsner) & American Presidential Stout (imperial stout)

Artisan Beverage Cooperative
All Sessions: Ginger Libation

Bagby Beer
S1: Sweet Ride (4.7% Bohemian-style pilsner) & Struggle Bus (4.7% American extra pale ale)
S2: Untarted Cherritory (4.5% blonde ale with cranberries, cherries, and cinnamon) & CATScan

Bearded Iris
S1: Homestyle & Scatterbrain

Bier Factory Rapperswil
S1: Absent Swiss Absinthe IPA & Fondue Beer
S2: Absent Swiss Absinthe IPA & Rich’s Chocolate Porter

Birds Fly South
VIP: Paper Airplanes
S1: BNE & Rumblefish
S2: RS & Skin & Bone

Black Project
S1: Dreamland & Roswell (Blackberry)
S2: Peacemaker & Roswell (Raspberry)

Blackberry Farm
VIP: Brett 18 BA Brett Saison
S1: Classic Draft & TN Cream Ale
S2: Classic Draft & Brett Fruit Mango Pineapple

VIP: La Vermontoise (collaboration w/ Hill Farmstead)
S1: Saison d’Epeautre & Special Winter
S2: Darbyste & La Moneuse

S1: Double Dry-Hopped Turning Road & Bourbon BA Double Mexican Radio
S2: Double Dry-Hopped Turning Road & Grandmaster

Brasserie Dunham
VIP: Bière de Table
S1: Cyclope Kappa (NE IPA w/ Citra & Simcoe) & Bracia W Dymic (grodziskie, Widawa collab)
S2: Berliner Mango Weisse & Mahalo Parfait (collab. with Bellwoods; milkshake IPA with papaya and hibiscus)

S1: Raudhetta & Berliner Spazz
S2: Moses Gose & Berliner Raz

Brew By Numbers
S1: 01|20 & 01|25
S2: 01|26 & 17|06

VIP: Dunedin Stringduster
S1: Donkeyboy DIPA & Three Fourteen IPA
S2: Homeland Berliner (Berliner weisse with lingonberries, blueberries, raspberries) & 50 States of Freedom (farmhouse berliner)

Brouwerij West
S1: Popfuji (unfiltered pils) & Starfish (unfiltered IPA)
S2: Chinatown (mixed ferm. saison w/ red wine barrels) & SuperCollider (unfiltered IPA)

S1: Separation on Peaches & Seasoned Skillet
S2: Separation on Peaches & Episodes of The Hermit Life

S1: Living End (imperial stout aged in Arran Scotch barrels) & Red Wolf (sour BA w/raspberries, blackberries and blackcurrants)
S2: Single Barrel Rain Shadow (imperial stout w/ jalapeño & cacao) & Sonrisa (pale ale w/ clementine and lemon)

VIP: Vive Bruxelles!
S1: Flower Child & Hendrix
S2: A Picture of Nectar & Cor Cordium

VIP: Citoyen du Monde & 2004 Iris
S1: Lambic à Rhubarbe 2015 (2015 version of Nath) & Fou’foune (Lambic w/ apricots)
S2: Lambic d’Aunis (Lambic w/ Pineau d’Aunis wine grapes) & St. Lamvinus (Lambic w/ grapes)

Carolina Bauernhaus
S1: 18 Mile Red Grand Cru & Feral Barrel Raspberry
S2: Bourbon Barrel-aged Keowee & Kuningilin

S1: Castanya (chestnut imperial brown) & Mala Vida Bourbon (barrel-aged imperial stout)
S2: Castanya (chestnut imperial brown) & Mala Vida (imperial stout)

Celestial Meads
VIP: Draft Cyser
S1: Draft Cider (6.5% cider) & Razzery (mead with raspberries)
S2: Draft Twisted Cider Creek (6.5% dry-hopped cider) & Belgique (mead with coriander and orange peel)

S1: DDH Pale Chinook Citra & NW DIPA Citra BBC Simcoe
S2: TM Life & DDH IPA Chinook Citra

Concrete Jungle
VIP: LA Calling, Hollywood Babylon, and Project DTLA
S1: Hello Cruel World & Citizens of the (Under) World
S2: Sad Flower in the Sand & Pretty Vacant

S1: Coniston Bluebird Bitter & Ridgeway Imperial Russian Stout
S2: Ridgeway Dry-hopped ESB & Santa’s Butt

S1: Dessert Room & Guava Pastelitos Berliner Weisse
S2: Independent Pilsner & Barrel-aged Berliner

Creature Comforts
VIP: The Curious No. 10 (mixed ferm. beer aged in oak barrels on Cabernet Sauvignon grape skins)
S1: Bibo Pilsner & Southerly Love (hoppy, tart brett beer) & Triangulation (mixed ferm. ale fermented in third-use bourbon barrels with blackberries)
S2: Bibo Pilsner & Booger Hill (biere de garde) & Subtle Alchemy Blend No. 001 (blend of oak-aged beer)

Crooked Stave
VIP 1: Persica VIP 2: Origins Blueberry
S1: Nightmare on Brett & Petite Sour Raspberry
S2: Salvador Cybies & L’Brett d’Cherry

De Ranke
VIP: Kriek de Ranke & Cuvee De Ranke
S1: Guldenbeg & XX Bitter
S2: Saison de Dottignies & XX Bitter

Dieu du Ciel
VIP: Hérétique Blonde bottles
S1: Solstice d’Eté Framboise & Dernière Volonté Brett
S2: Péché Mortel Bourbon & Rosée d’Hibiscus

Draai Laag
S1: Grand Blu & Vlad
S2: Extra Special Critters & Beetbarb

Drie Fonteinen
VIP: Zenne y Frontera & Oude Geuze Honing
S1: Oude Geuze & Hommage (raspberry-cherry lambic)
S2: Oude Geuze Cuvée Armand & Gaston (Oude Geuze w/ 100% Drie Fonteinen Lambic) & Oude Kriek

VIP: Du Vieux Monde, Goldenberry Wild, Redamancy, Tayberry Farmhouse
S1: Atma Farmhouse & Rhubarb Wild (Barrel-fermented mix culture wild ale blend of 3-, 2-, and 1-year-old barrels w/ rhubarb)
S2: Selcouth (Pinot barrel-aged saison with brett) & Wild Cherry Montmorency (Barrel-fermented mixed culture blend of 3-, 2-, and 1-year-old barrels w/ cherries)

S1: 007 Pale Ale & Enigmatron IPA
S2: Faction Pils & The Penske File

Fonta Flora
S1: Appalachian Wild Ale & Razzmatazz
S2: Snug Glove & Saison

Frecon Cidery
S1: Scrumpy (farmhouse cider) & Crabby Granny (cyser)
S2: Farmhouse (farmhouse cider) & Early Man (cider)

VIP: Rancio
S1: Sur Lie (cherry wine) & Sparkling (sparkling pear and cherry wine)
S2: Reserve (cherry wine) & Vintage (cherry wine)

S1: Mamma Mia (Rhubarb ale-collab w/Birrificio Italiano) & Salzspeicher Raspberry (raspberry sour porter)
S2: Köpenickiade Vineyard Peach (Peach Berliner w/Spelt) & (Monarchy) Methusalem Holunderheimer (Adambier w/elderberries)

Fyne Ales
S1: Jarl & Shakers in Paris
S2: Jarl & Northwest Hop Lager

Green Bench
VIP: Sauvage Miel + Tiki Tack
S1: Sleeping Dragons & Postcard Pils
S2: Sunshine City IPA & Les Amis Grisettes

Green Bench Cider & Mead
S1: The Northener & Purple Rain
S2: Raspberry Rooftop & I Am Brut

S1: Tindbic (Sour Ale w/ Seabuckthorn) & Aquavit Barrel Porter (BA porter)
S2: Hesjeol (Multigrain Farmhouse Ale) & Odin’s Tipple (imperial stout)

Hogan’s Cider
S1: French Revelation (keeved cider) & Hip Hop (hopped cider)
S2: Killer Sharp (sour cider) & Wild Elder (cider with elderflowers)

Holy Mountain
VIP: Sacrament
S1: Abscission (BA sour ale w/ raspberries) & Three Fates (Czech-style pilsner)
S2: Midnight Still — 2017 (Bourbon BA imperial stout) & The Gray Tower — Blend #3 (barrel blended saison)

VIP: Lost Creek
S1: Wild Florida Saison & Round the Riverbend
S2: Giant Giant Dwarf & Augustus

J. Wakefield
VIP: Haterade
S1: Bad Moon Rising & STUSH
S2: La Nada & Troll So Hard

Jackie O’s
VIP: Hockhocking (a blend of wine BA saisons) & Off The Beaten Path 2 (rye saison)
S1: Elle & Bourbon Barrel Oro Negro
S2: Scrip & Cuvée 11

Jester King
VIP: Viking Metal & Atrial Rubicite
S1: Final Entropy (collab with Jackie O’s) & Demitone
S2: Beachtimez Sportzketball & Synthesis Analagous

Jester King SPON
S1 & S2 (all v. limited): SPON Albariño/Blanc du Bois, SPON Blueberry Pitaya, SPON Raspberry/Cherry, SPON Peach/Apricot, SPON Méthode Gueuze Blend #4

S1: Lychee Xanadu (lychee Berliner weisse) & Guizhou Smoked Chili Porter
S2: Beijing Bikini (watermelon wheat ale) & Enlightment (imperial stout w/ Tibetan barley)

Jolly Pumpkin
VIP: Sea Buckthorn Fandango, Innovator Man, Hamajang
S1: Olas Espaciales (BA sour saison with lime, salt, and cherry, collab w/ Jester King) & Sobrehumano Palena’ole (BA sour ale with passionfruit and cherry, collab with Maui)
S2: Phucket, It’s Not That Far From Laos (BA saison with lime peel, jasmine rice, and palm sugar, collab with Stillwater) & Apocolocynposis (BA saison with blackberry and lime. collab with Monkish)

S1: Koyt (gruit) & Sin & Remorse (imperial stout, collab w/ De Molen)
S2: Tropical Freedom (IPA w/ passionfruit and pineapple) & Doubting Thomas (quadrupel)

Kent Falls
VIP: Nature
S1: The Hollow (pilsner) & Lime Zest Gose
S2: The Hollow & Resisting the Obvious

Les Vergers/Cidrerie Milton
S1: CID Cuivre (sparkling cider) & CID Rosé (rosé cider)
S2: Les Russet (sparkling cider) & CID Houblon (hopped cider)

S1: Edna & Sea Shepherd
S2: Edna & Pacific Blue Ocean Gose

Magic Rock
S1: Precognition IPA & Salty Margarita (tequila BA margarita gose)
S2: Hypnotist IPA & Kentucky Common Grounds

Meridian Hive
VIP: Bounty Mead
S1: Frontier Mead (6.5%, dry and lightly carbonated, made with orange blossom honey) & Dynamo Mead (6.5%, off-dry and lightly carbonated, made with orange blossom honey, tart cherries, vanilla)
S2: Rhapsody Mead (6.5%, semi-sweet and lightly carbonated, made with orange blossom honey with blackberries) & Haven Mead (6.5%, sweet and lightly carbonated, made with orange blossom honey, peach, and ginger)

VIP: Mikkeller/Boon Oude Geuze (aged in Calvados barrels)
S1: Hallo Ich Bin Ein Berliner Weisse Blueberry & Beer Geek Flat White
S2: Hallo Ich Bin Ein Berliner Weisse Mango & Beer Geek Breakfast

Mikkeller SD
S1: Windy Hill & Raspberry Blush
S2: Imperial Maple Stout & Big Hazy IIPA

S1: Grimfrost SuttungR Brew (mead w/ lingonberries and pine shoots) & Surr och Brak (mead)
S2: Molska Tallstrunt (braggot), Fruktad Flyt (mead with liquid honey), Host i Vange (mead with crystallized honey)

S1: Apocolocynposis (BA farmhouse ale w/ blackberries and lime, Jolly Pumpkin collab) & Backpack Full of Cans (triple IPA)
S2: Mas Juteux (BA farmhouse ale w/ apricots) & Matt Matt from the Veil Veil (dry-hopped double IPA)

S1: Ginger Saison & Never Be Gold
S2: Subbacultcha & Wyld Spacecataz

Nøgne Ø
VIP: Cantina
S1: Eternal Rest (BA imperial stout) & Norsk Høst (farmhouse)
S2: Dark and Stormy (imperial stout) & Sparkling Sake

S1: Pasiflora (Berliner w/passionfruit) & Tu Jardín (saison w/ rose and blackberry)
S2: Revontulet (raspberry sour) & Hanami (India lager w/cherry blossom, yuzu, and kombucha)

S1: Swingers (gose) & Thai Thai (tripel with galangal root, cilantro, coriander, chili pepper, orange peel)
S2: Polyamorie (sour pale ale with mango) & Kinderyoga

Other Half
S1: Double Dry-hopped Double Mosaic Daydream DIPA & Double Dry-hopped Broccoli DIPA
S2: Double Dry-hopped Cabbage DIPA & Double Dry-hopped Mylar Bags DIPA

VIP: Momoko
S1: FPA & Luppolo
S2: Crossfade & BAFPA

Page 24
S1: Printemps (bière de mars) & Rhub’IPA (rhubarb IPA)
S2: BA Barleywine (Armagnac) & Sour Sorachi Rouge (dry-hopped sour ale w/ blackcurrant, elderberry, and hibiscus)

Pasteur Street
S1: Passionfruit Wheat (wheat beer w/ Vietnamese passionfruit) & Cyclo Stout (imperial stout w/ vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate)
S2: Dragonfruit Gose & Coffee Porter (porter w/ Da Lat coffee)

Peckham’s Cider
S1: Home Block Cider & Elderflower Cider
S2: Moutere Cider & Boysenberry Cider

S1: Funky Wit Melon & BA Abraxas
S2: BA 17 Mint Chocolate Stout & Savant Beersel

S1: Porridge Bullet (BA multigrain breakfast ale) & Rukkivein (rye wine aged in American rye whisky barrels)
S2: Öö XO (true Baltic porter aged in cognac barrels) & Must Kuld Colombia (coffee porter)

VIP: Vanilla Noir
S1: Mango-pHreak & BA Christmas Bomb
S2: Supa-pHreak & Okie Paradise

Red Cypress
S1: The Shape of Lager to Come (dry-hopped pale lager) & Summer Nights (pale ale with peaches)
S2: Carl (NEIPA) & Foeder I (mixed-culture foeder-aged saison)

S1: Clasica (sidra) & Special Edition (single variety sidra)
S2: Besta (hopped cider) & Artesana (sidra)

S1: Ritterguts Bärentöter (sour gose-bock) & Reichenbrander Keller
S2: Ritterguts Gose (traditional East-German gose) & Reichenbrander Maibock (traditional heller bock)

S1: Bourbon BA Mead & Barbie Rhubarb Lambic Style
S2: Ginger Mead (metheglin with ginger) & Babushka Maria Ay Caramba (imperial stout with vanilla, cinnamon, habaneros)

Saint Somewhere
S1: Serge (black saison) & Plongeur à L’éponge (sour farmhouse)
S2: Embracer Le Sint (Yazoo collab, citrus saison) & Eté Sans Fin (saison)

Sante Adairius
VIP: West Ashley
S1: Elements of Composition (collab w/ De Garde and Jester King) & West Ashley
S2: Lady Grey & Lingering Spirits (collab w/ Jackie O’s)

Side Project
VIP: Cassis du Fermier
S1: La Ruche (Missouri saison fermented w/ orange blossom honey and aged in a Missouri oak foedre) & Balaton (wild Missouri brown aged in local Chambourcin barrels with Michigan Balaton cherries)
S2: Fuzzy Blend #2 (Missouri wild ale aged in French oak for two years, then aged on Missouri white peaches for 6 months) & Bière du Pays Blend #5 (tart Missouri table saison aged in a Missouri oak foedre)

Souvenir Beer Co
S1 & S2: Highway 101 (“atypical pale ale”) & Dreamers Never Live (Belgian cream ale)

S1: STW Wavvy & Here Comes the Night Time (Põhjala collab)
S2: Shoegaze & Nordic Lean

S1: Pannepot Grand Reserva 2012 & Cuvée Delphine
S2: Van Poucke Stout & Pannepot Special Reserva 2011

The Veil
VIP: Never Know
S1: Naissance & Single Brothers
S2: Never Never Forever Forever & IdonteverEVERwanttobu

S1: Blonde & Amber
S2: Extra & Train to Mars

Three Taverns
VIP: The Field Has Eyes (collab w/ Burial and Verzet, saison w/ Brett)
S1: German Chocolate Helm’s Deep (coffee/coconut RIS aged in Sherry barrels) & Inceptus Blueberry (GA wild ale w/ blueberries aged in oak barrels)
S2: German Chocolate Helm’s Deep & Crave (double dry-hopped hazy DIPA)

Tired Hands
S1: Alien Church & Daily Personal Best
S2: Helles Other People & Saisonhands

To Øl
S1: Tropical Rumble (session IPA w/ mango, peach, passionfruit) & Sur Amarillo (sour Amarillo IPA)
S2: Gose to Hollywood & Sur Motueka (sour Motueka IPA)

Torched Hop
S1: Barrel-aged Gridlocked (Belgian strong ale aged in Bourbon barrels for 9 months) & Tribunal (double IPA)
S2: Blue’s Clues (blueberry milkshake IPA) & Allumage (Citra dry-hopped saison)

S1: Miles Away & TBD
S2: Affogato & TBD

Trois Dames
S1: Sin Frontera (collab w/ Jester King and Crooked Stave) & Grande Dame
S2: Brett Pale Ale (collab w/ E9) & Handle in Hand (sage sour red)

Two Roads
VIP: Jambic
S1: Igor’s Dream (Russian imperial stout) & Workers Stomp (white wine BA saison)
S2: Brothers In Farms (double grisette, collab with Brasserie de la Senne) & Roads Garden (saison brewed with edible flowers)

VIP: Westvleteren 12
S1: Westvleteren 12
S2: Westvleteren 12

West County Cider
S1 & S2: Redfield & Dry Strawberry Cider

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