High & Mighty Beer Show #75

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High & Mighty Beer Show #75

Make sure to tune in this week as Joel and Robert get political. Coming at you with all the subtlety and thoughtfulness of a legally-purchased assault weapon in action, this profanity-laced (yet FCC-friendly, thanks to the bleep machine) edition touches on most of the major issues of our time- Rush lyrics, Ayn Rand philosophy, airport pat-downs, and ukelele solos.
This program is notable as well for being the first-ever pre-recorded radio broadcast to include a live listener call-in, a spontaneous public-health song composition, and an under-sixty-second legal explanation, all courtesy of Brother Dan, direct from Hawai’i.
Listen live on WHMP AM1400 & 1240 and FM96.9 or get the podcast here: http://whmp.com/pages/11904106.php

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