New Beer Friday

All right, we realize that we haven’t exactly been on top of web site maintenance around here. It’s ironic, I suppose, that we’ve been so busy selling beer that we haven’t had time to . . . sell beer. Well, that all changes, as of now, dammit. Every Friday we’ll try (you see that I say ‘try,’ because I know I’m going to fail — probably often) to showcase new beers.

The question, really, is where to start, with so much great stuff just coming in or about to arrive, but my first selection has to be Taras Boulba, a hoppy little number fresh off the boat from Belgium’s newest brewery, Brasserie de la Senne.


Taras Boulba is possibly my favorite beer right now. We’ve been moaning for years about the lack of proper session beers, especially from Belgium, and it seems that brewers Yvan De Baets and Bernard Leboucq have been listening. (We’ve been wondering why they don’t want to share hotel rooms with us any more.) This beer is hoppy as hell, but also drinkable as hell. It drinks bigger than its 4.5% ABV, but not so big that you can’t enjoy more than one. Will it belt you over the head, the way Belgian beer so often does? Certainly not. But, really, don’t you get tired of getting belted over the head all the time?Note to self: Get Taras Boulba kegs sorted, pronto.

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