Shelton Brothers’ Spiritual Awakening

“Spirits,” you ask? Yes! As of this month we’re seriously getting into them in more than an amateur way. Look for some of this very intoxicating stuff from Mikkeller very soon:

Botanical Gin: Distilled with fine botanicals and carefully balanced with juniper berries, lemon grass, angelica root, cardamom, and oranges. The finish offers a zesty, lemony hint of Simcoe hops.

Dry-Hop Simcoe & Citra Vodkas: Based on the finest tall blonde wheat, distilled five times, and blended with American Simcoe or Citra hops.

Rum Cask Black: The “Black Spirit,” matured in sweetening rum barrels from the original Danish colony of Sankt Croix. Very well-rounded and smooth.

Oloroso Cask Black: Matured in European oak sherry casks typically used for whiskey, adding tastes of dark chocolate, dark fruits, and nuts. A treat for the whiskey enthusiast.

Bourbon Cask Black: Matured in bourbon casks, gently imparting flavors of vanilla and toffee to the spirit.

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