The Hot Receptionist

 So we’ve gotten a few phone calls and emails from listeners of some obscure radio show about a supposed on-air phone call to our offices, in which our receptionist — how to say this delicately? — ummm, loses her cool.

Well, we’re sorry to report that the whole thing was fabricated by the clever radio personalities, and while we appreciate that they found the beer label censorship story worthy of their valuable time, the truth of the matter is that we don’t even have a receptionist. The chick from Jersey they hired to play one sounds pretty hot, though — OK, the homophobic stuff wasn’t so cool, but other than that — and we’d hire her in a second if we had the scratch, but we’re sorry to say that if you call our office, you’re probably just going to get me, and I’m always charming.Anyway, while you’re here, please read up on the label censorship story, and then go buy some of our beer for chrissakes. Jersey girls don’t come cheap . . .

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