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This is the first episode from our brand new documentary web series called “BEER CIRCUS with the Shelton Brothers.” This series of videos will be released every so often, it is meant to expand upon what we have started with “THE HIGH & MIGHTY BEER SHOW” and “A CONVERSATION WITH…” series. We want to give a viewer a closer look inside the world of beer. Each episode will focus on a particular brewery, a beer style, a beer scene, or whatever we want to talk about. And remember we here at Shelton Brothers can talk… a lot!


In this episode we take a brief look at Armand Debelder of Drie Fonteinen in Beersel, Belgium. Armand shows us what it means to be a lambic blender. This clip is an excerpt from the award winning documentary “Rivers of Beer: The Lambic.” It was directed by our very own Kevin before he joined Shelton Brothers. If you guys comment on it, perhaps we can get him to release it one day.

We start the BEER CIRCUS series with this video because it helped inspire Dan Shelton to begin having videos made about the breweries we work with. In 2007 shooting began, and today there are hundreds of hours of beery footage from around the world.  Now we are beginning to let them see the light of day. We hope you enjoy them.

BEER CIRCUS with the Shelton Brothers: Blending a Geuze

If there are any BEER CIRCUS episodes that you would like to see made, please leave a comment below.

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