Your holiday shopping, done

You’ve got enough to worry about in this festive (some would say maddening) season. Here’s an idea that makes it easier for all concerned: We’ve found the good stuff and put it all in one handy carrying case of pure Christmas spirit; splendid examples of the brewer’s art neatly siphoned into five charmingly labeled bottles.

The breweries represented here really are tiny and dedicated, and they really do make the best beers of Belgium. Here they are pulling out all the stops and doing their damnedest to impress for the holiday season. Every one of these beers is a gem.


This special holiday pack includes:Perè Noël (from the Brouwerij De Ranke): a peppy golden-amber, very hoppy beer with licorice root added for a tasteful seasonal decoration; Kerstmutske (from Dany at Slaapmutske, via Brouwerij De Proef): a dry and spicy (but unspiced), fruity, deftly hopped and perfectly balanced dark ale in the best Belgian style; Zinnebir Xmas (from Brasserie de la Senne): a potent and characterful pale ale with exquisite flowery hop aroma and bitterness, bracing and refreshing; Winterkoninkske (from Brouwerij Kerkom): the quintessential Belgian farmhouse brewer’s winter ale, dark, luscious, with power and bottomless depth; Serafijn Christmas Angel (from Brouwerij Achilles): made in a typical garage brewery in Flanders, a rich, sweetish amber ale with a spicy, fruity bouquet.

At Shelton Brothers, we travel the world looking for great beers so that you don’t have to!

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