All The Brews That’s Fit to Print

From the time a young Daniel first ranted his way into his school newspaper, the Brothers Shelton have loved seeing their names in print. In the recent frenzy over the state of Maine and St. Nick’s posterior(or more accurately, his large beer barrel), we’ve missed the chance to share a few recent news stories about us — well, about our beers, at least.While some have recently chosen to deride our holiday beers, calling them “all marketing,” some people do actually want to discuss the quality of the brews we import. The tasters of the Baltimore Sun have spoken: The beers are good. Admittedly, after 34 beers, they might not have been in the best shape to verbalize much of anything, but Zinnebir Zmas, Very Bad Elf, and Seriously Bad Elf all made their “favorites” list. And farther from home, Dr. Fermento in Alaska has nothing but love for all the Bad Elf beers.Of course, we think they’re right. Two of the Bad Elf beers are packaged with Santa’s Butt and “Lump of Coal” stout in what surely must be the best available mix of warming winter ales. Read more about this Curious Collection of holiday beers here.

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