Edge Flor De La Vida

Edge Brewing Spain

From the brewer:

“A golden-to-copper colored pale ale delivering a medium malt profile and a hop forward personality. Citrus, herbal and floral aromas take over after the initial malt flavor dissipates. Leaves a crisp finish.”

COLOR:  Light Copper
AROMA:  Citrus, Herbal, Floral
TASTE:  Crisp Malt, Floral Hops, Medium-Bodied

Style: American Pale Ale

ABV: 4.70%

Packaging: 330ml bottles, 30L keykegs

Food Pairings: Brick, Cheddar (mild or sharp), Colby, Edam, Shellfish, Light Fish Dishes, Fried Foods, Pizza

Brewer Website: http://edgebrewing.com/

Hops: Cascade, Chinook, Zeus

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