Yes, We Can!

Mikkeller Peach Berliner

Here at Shelton Brothers, our favorite word has always been “can.” Bring in a full container of funky Belgian lambic fifteen years before anyone in America liked sour beer? Can do! Import rustic IPAs from Mediterranean garage-breweries whose own neighbors didn’t know they existed? How…


Lager Love


The Shelton kids grew up on lager, and our go-to beer at the dinner table as children was the quite-dry Piels Real Draft. Poured from Dad’s 33cL bottle straight into two-ounce un-tilted Dixie Cups for maximum head-retention, “PRD” (just kidding, people used real words in…


The Festival 2015 — Bottle & Tap List

18th Street VIP: Sour Note Blackberry Gose & Deal With the Devil All Sessions: For Rent Single-Hop Citra Pale Session 1: Hunter Vanilla Double Milk Stout Session 2: Forman Coffee Porter Session 3: Sour Note Flanders 7venth Sun All Sessions: TimeBomb Session IPA Octo Has…


The British Are Coming!

August is a cracking month to visit Great Britain. Thousands of vacationers from around the globe flock there this time of year, attracted by such internationally renowned spectacles as the British Open Crabbing Championship, the Egton Bridge Gooseberry Show, and the World Bog Snorkeling Championship, to…


Zwanze Day 2015


Get ready, Zwanze fans! On 9.19.15, the following locations (plus many more around the world) will be tapping Cantillon’s Wild Brussels Stout at the exact same time: – Anchorage Brewing Co. — Anchorage, Alaska – Apex — Portland, Oregon – Armsby Abbey — Worcester, Massachusetts –…