Festival Beer List!

18th Street Brewery Every Session: BA Hunter Session 1: BA Wild Peach Session 2: BA Cherry Gose Session 3: Deal With the Devil 7venth Sun Brewery Every Session: Yuzu Lager Session 1: At Least You Won’t Die Wondering Session 2: BA La Fête Session 3:…


Zwanze Day 2016!


Behold, this year’s Zwanze Day locations! – Anchorage Brewing Company — Anchorage, Alaska – Armsby Abbey — Worcester, Massachusetts – Avenue Pub — New Orleans, Louisiana – Bagby Beer — Oceanside, California – Beachwood BBQ — Seal Beach, California – Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project…


Yes, We Can!

Mikkeller Peach Berliner

Here at Shelton Brothers, our favorite word has always been “can.” Bring in a full container of funky Belgian lambic fifteen years before anyone in America liked sour beer? Can do! Import rustic IPAs from Mediterranean garage-breweries whose own neighbors didn’t know they existed? How…


Lager Love


The Shelton kids grew up on lager, and our go-to beer at the dinner table as children was the quite-dry Piels Real Draft. Poured from Dad’s 33cL bottle straight into two-ounce un-tilted Dixie Cups for maximum head-retention, “PRD” (just kidding, people used real words in…


The Festival 2015 — Bottle & Tap List

18th Street VIP: Sour Note Blackberry Gose & Deal With the Devil All Sessions: For Rent Single-Hop Citra Pale Session 1: Hunter Vanilla Double Milk Stout Session 2: Forman Coffee Porter Session 3: Sour Note Flanders 7venth Sun All Sessions: TimeBomb Session IPA Octo Has…