Festival Beer List!

18th Street Brewery
Every Session: BA Hunter
Session 1: BA Wild Peach
Session 2: BA Cherry Gose
Session 3: Deal With the Devil

7venth Sun Brewery
Every Session: Yuzu Lager
Session 1: At Least You Won’t Die Wondering
Session 2: BA La Fête
Session 3: Or It Gets the Gose Again

8 Wired Brewing
Every Session: 2015 Wild Feijoa Sour
Session 1: Gypsy Funk
Session 2: Le Fût
Session 3: Rendition

Against the Grain Brewery
Every Session: A Beer
Session 1: Gnight Ryder
Session 2: Inner Sacrum
Session 3: Bloody Show

Amager Bryghus
VIP: Green, Green Banshee
Every Session: The Lady of Cofitachequi (Fonta Flora collab)
Session 1: Game of Arms
Session 2: Lawrence of Arabica (18th Street collab)
Session 3: Chad, King of the Wild Yeasts (Crooked Stave collab)

American Solera
Every Session: Money Blend
Session 1: Foeder Cerise
Session 2: Foeder Gold
Session 3: Good Will Overcome

Argus Cidery
Every session: Stellar & Perennial
Session 1-2: Ginger Perry & Peach Wine
Session 2-3: Ciderkin & Vinho Pearde

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.
Every Session: Gin BA Headin’ West
Session 1: Tart Sunshine
Session 2: La Région Sauvage d’Arizona
Session 3: BA American Presidential Stout

Artisan Beverage Cooperative
Every Session: Ginger Libation

Au Baron
Every Session: Cuvée des Jonquilles
Session 1: Saint Médard Ambrée
Session 2: Saint Médard Dark
Session 3: La Belle Glaneuse Bière de Récolte

Bagby Beer Company
Every Session: Sweet Ride
Session 1: Dork Squad
Session 2: Upside Down Frown Brown
Session 3: Grief Counselor

Every Session: Rising Sun
Session 1: Saison Sayuri
Session 2: Pacific Porter
Session 3: Four Sisters Bock

Big Island Brewhaus
Every Session: Mahalo Special Pale
Session 1: Tall, Dark, and Mandarin & Starshine Ginger Beer
Session 2: The Halfling
Session 3: Paka Bock

Birra Toccalmatto
Every Session: Okie Matilde
Session 1: Dr. Caligari
Session 2: Toats (Stillwater collab)
Session 3: Matt2 (Hair of the Dog collab)

Every Session: La Vermontoise (Hill Farmstead collab)
Session 1: Darbyste
Session 2: Moneuse
Session 3: Saison d’Epeautre

Every Session: Forbidden Planet
Session 1: Kelsey & Greg’s Wedding Ale #2 (Vintage 2016)
Session 2: Twilights
Session 3: Bone Machine

Boneyard Brewing
Session 1-2: RPM IPA
Session 1-2: Gooze Cruze
Session 2-3: Notorious
Session 2-3: Funky Bunch

Brasserie de la Senne
VIP: TBA 10/24
Every Session: Bruxellensis
Session 1: Brusseleir
Session 2: Schieve Tabarnak
Session 3: Taras Boulba

Brasserie du Pays Flamand
Session 1: BA Triple Blonde (Burgundy) & BA Barleywine (Pinot Noir)

Brasserie Dunham
VIP: Assemblage #7
Every Session: Saison Rustique var. Brett Drie
Session 1: Oro Zuur
Session 2: Assemblage #2
Session 3: Berliner Mango Weisse

Brasserie Saint Germain/Page 24
Every Session: Sorachi Sour
Session 1: Imperial Stout Whiskey Barrel
Session 2: Barleywine Whiskey Barrel
Session 3: Belgian Dubbel Burgundy Barrel

Brasserie Thiriez
Every Session: Extra
Session 1: Vieille Brune
Session 2: Train to Mars (Get Radical collab)
Session 3: Blonde

Every Session: Lilac
Session 1: Swedish Chef IPA
Session 2: Cassis
Session 3: B My Honey

Every Session: Galaxie Chardonnay Barrel
Session 1: Trinidad
Session 2: Grapefruit Spaceman
Session 3: Sentenza

Every Session: Mangofeber DIPA
Session 1: Mr. Candy King
Session 2: Persikofeber IPA
Session 3: Conan DIPA

Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen
Every Session: Oude Geuze & Oude Kriek
Session 1: Hommage
Session 2: Cuvée Armand & Gaston
Session 3: Schaerbeekse Kriek 2015

Brouwerij West
Every Session: Brilliant But Lazy
Session 1: Dog Ate My Homework
Session 2: Small Gods
Session 3: Saison

Buxton Brewery
Every Session: Barrel-aged Rain Shadow
Session 1: Double Fruit Raspberry Rye
Session 2: Anglo-Belgique IPA
Session 3: Extra Porter

VIP: Citoyen du Monde

Every Session: Fou’foune
Lambic aged in Sixth-Use Lambic Barrels
Lambic aged in First-Use Meursault Barrels
Lambic aged in First-Use Armagnac Barrels

Session 1: Rhubarbe
Session 2: Lambic d’Aunis
Session 3: Iris Grand Cru

Celestial Meads
Every Session: Odin’s Gift
Session 1: Belgique
Session 2: Marriage
Session 3: Raizin d’Etre

Every Session: Bière Brut
Session 1: PX BA Imperial Stout
Session 2: Rum BA Imperial Stout
Session 3: Bourbon BA Tripel

Every Session: Free Dive IPA
Session 1: Whoops
Session 2: Barrel-aged Stout
Session 3: Barrel-aged Farmhouse

Crooked Stave
VIP: Blueberry Origins
Every Session: Nightmare on Brett
Session 1: Sourless IPA
Session 2: Ampersand Vol. 3 Chapter 1
Session 3: Batch #200

De Garde
VIP: Broken Truck No. 2
Every Session: Bu Weisse
Session 1: The Purple
Session 2: Nectarine Première
Session 3: The Marion

De Molen
Every Session: Hel & Verdoemenis Bruichladdich Brett BA
Session 1: Ball & Chain
Session 2: Mout & Mocca
Session 3: Hemel & Aarde

De Ranke
VIP: Vieille Provision
Every Session: Cuvée de Ranke
Session 1: XX Bitter
Session 2: Saison de Dottignies
Session 3: Guldenberg

Dieu Du Ciel!
VIP: Exorciste BA Sauterne
Every Session: Péché Mortel Bourbon BA
Session 1: Tamarindo Gose
Session 2: Chant de Vielles
Session 3: Hérétique Obscura

Draai Laag Brewing Co.
Every Session: Relic
Session 1: Cru
Session 2: The Plague
Session 3: La Pienture

Every Session: The Penske File
Session 1: NYX
Session 2: Diverge IPA
Session 3: Bornday

Fonta Flora Brewery
Every Session: Brezelvass
Session 1: Rhythm Rug
Session 2: Carolina Custard
Session 3: Funk and Flora

Frederiskdal Kirsebaervin Cherry Wine
Every Session: Late-Bottled
Session 1: Reserve
Session 2: Sur Lie
Session 3: Nordic Cherry Likør

Every Session:
Berliner Scheisse
Methusalem Holunderheimer
Methusalem Johannisberg

Fyne Ales
Every Session: Ghost Stout
Session 1: Jarl
Session 2: The Witch
Session 3: Beer Premier

Green Bench Brewing
Every Session: Bench Beer
Session 1: Les Rougettes
Session 2: Sauvage Pomme
Session 3: Webb’s City Cellar Series: Shopping Cart Cowboys

Grimm Artisan Ales
Every Session: Apricot Rebus
Session 1: Cube Cuvée #1
Session 2: Awoogah
Session 3: Cube Cuvée #2

Every Session: Norwegian Wood
Session 1: Tindved Sea Buckthorn Sour Ale
Session 2: Bringebaer Raspberry Sour Ale
Session 3: Haandbakk

Hill Farmstead Brewery
Every Session: Arthur
Session 1: Table Dorothy
Session 2: Anna
Session 3: Brother Soigné

Session 1-2: Killer Sharp
Session 1-2: French Revelation
Session 2-3: Hip Hop
Session 2-3: Wild Elder

Holy Mountain Brewing Co.
Every Session: The Goat
Session 1: Anareta
Session 2: Clarette
Session 3: Aureum

J. Wakefield
Every Session: Absolute Devotion
Session 1: Haterade
Session 2: Troll So Hard
Session 3: Miami Madness

Jackie O’s Brewery
VIP: Spirit Beast
Every Session: Wood Burner
Session 1: Bourbon BA Oro Negro
Session 2: Bourbon BA Champion Ground
Session 3: Bourbon BA Black Maple

Jester King Brewery
Every Session: 2016 SPON — Méthode Gueuze
Session 1: 2016 SPON FRUIT — Raspberry & Cherry
Session 2: SPON FLOR
Session 3: SPON FRUIT Peach & Apricot

Jing-A Brewing Co.
Every Session: Hutong Clan CDA (Boneyard collab)
Session 1: Watermelon Xanadu
Session 2: Koji Red Ale
Session 3: Guizhou Smoked Chili Porter

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales
Every Session: Rosie del Barrio
Session 1: Cucurbitophobia
Session 2: Saison X
Session 3: Calabaza Boreal

Jopenbier Brouwerij
VIP: Valley of Darkness
Every Session: Koyt
Session 1-2: Wayne’s World (Cigar City collab)
Session 2-3: Coastal Gose (Del Ducato collab)

Kent Falls
VIP: Fingerprint
Every Session: Waymaker IPA
Session 1: Gardener’s Table
Session 2: I am Table IPA
Session 3: Variant 4

Every Session:
Bink Blond
Bink Grand Cru
Reuss (Lambic-based mixed fermentation)

La Choulette
Every Session: Sans Culottes & Framboise
Session 1-2: Ambrée
Session 2-3 Blonde

Le Trou du Diable
VIP: Le Coq
Every Session: Saison du Tracteur
Session 1: Dulcis Succubus
Session 2: Buteuse Brassin Spécial
Session 3: L’Impératrice

Les Trois Mousquetaires
Every Session: Saison Brett
Session 1: Porter Baltique
Session 2: Gose
Session 3: Oud Bruin

Les Vergers de la Colline
Every Session: CID Rose
Session 1: CID Original
Session 2: Api Hop
Session 3: CID Cuivre

Libertine Brewing Company
Every Session: Central Coast Saison
Session 1: Jove
Session 2: Authentic SLO Wild Ale
Session 3: Framboise

Magic Rock
Every Session: Inhaler
Session 1: The Upside-Down
Session 2: Special Relationship (Gigantic collab)
Session 3: Kentucky Common Grounds

Every Session: Ungespundet & Saphir Weisse

Malmo Brewing Co
Every Session: Limpic Stout
Session 1: Ju Cee Through
Session 2: Sand Dollar DIPA
Session 3: Amoeba in Trance

Every Session: Deception Session IPA
Session 1: Spontantripleblueberry
Session 2: Nelson Sauvin Champagne Acacia Barrel
Session 3: Spontanquadrupelraspberry

Mikkeller Brewing SD
Every Session: Sparks APA
Session 1: Berliner Weisse
Session 2: George
Session 3: Beer Geek Brunch Weasel

Monkish Brewing Co.
Every Session: Ghetto Bird
Session 1: Juteux
Session 2: Same Tree
Session 3: Bisous

Monnik Beer Co.
Every Session: Monnik IPA
Session 1: Zum Zitrone
Session 2: Never Be Gold
Session 3: Barreled Najaar

Every Session: Mala Vida
Session 1: Mala Vida Chili
Session 2: Mala Vida Bourbon
Session 3: Mala Vida Brandy

Every Session: Saison Renaud
Session 1: Fernetical
Session 2: The Null
Session 3: Frequency of the Sky

Every Session:
Hop Doom
Sai Saison
Pumpkin Tzar

Nøgne Ø
Every Session: Anamorphic IPA & Kriek of Telemark
Session 1: Chaga Stout
Session 2: Sparkling Sake
Session 3: Sunturnblend

Oedipus Brewing
Every Session: Swingers
Session 1: Thai Thai
Session 2: Hosanna
Session 3: Kinderyoga

Oppigårds Bryggeri
Every Session: Winter Ale
Session 1: Blue Tuesday IPA
Session 2: Thurbo Stout BA Whiskey
Session 3: Thurbo Double IPA

Every Session: Imperial Oatmeal Stout
Session 1: Black Flag Cascadian Dark Ale
Session 2: Bière de Garde
Session 3: Bock by Dope Demand

Other Half Brewing Co.
Every Session: Crush It! Galaxy
Session 1: All Citra Everything DIPA
Session 2: Double Mosaic Dream DIPA
Session 3: Space Diamonds DIPA

VIP: Momoko
Every Session: Crossfade
Session 1: Moon Rocks
Session 2: Bowie
Session 3: BOBASA

Partizan Brewing Ltd
VIP: X Ale Courage 1915 and Cuvee Lemon
Session 1-2: Stout
Session 2-3: Saison Raspberry & Lemon
Session 3: Don

Pasteur Street Brewing Co.
Every Session: Spice Island Saison
Session 1: Thai Tea
Session 2: Barleywine
Session 3: Cyclo Stout

Peckham’s Cider
Every Session: Home Block Cider
Session 1: Feijoa Cider
Session 2: Boysenberry Cider
Session 3: Elderflower Cider

Perennial Artisan Ales
Every Session: Von Pampelmuse
Session 1: Funky Wit Raspberry
Session 2: Abraxas
Session 3: Foeder Saison

Prairie Artisan Ales
Every Session: Pirate Paradise
Session 1: Pirate Bomb
Session 2: 4th Anniversary
Session 3: Simcoe Dry-Hopped Vous Français

Every Session: Old Ford Stout
Session 1-2: Lemon Sage Saison
Session 2-3: Alvinne

Ridgeway Brewing
Every Session: Coniston Bluebird Bitter
Session 1: Ridgeway Imperial Russian Stout
Session 2: Ridgeway Lump of Coal
Session 3: Ridgeway Imperial Barley Wine

Every Session:
Original Ritterguts Gose
Bärentöter Sour Gose Bock

Saint Somewhere
Every Session: Saison Athene
Session 1: Traditionell
Session 2: Fraternité
Session 3: Pays du Soleil

Sante Adairius Rustic Ales
Every Session: Lady in Grey
Session 1: Appreciation
Session 2: West Ashley
Session 3: Bright Sea Blonde

Every Session: Chanterelle Bière de Garde
Session 1: Black Trumpet Bière de Mars
Session 2: Spring Tonic
Session 3: Single Tree Hickory

Side Project Brewing
VIP: Double Barrel Derivation
Every Session: Bière du Pays
Session 1: Tête de Cuvée
Session 2: Bleuet du Fermier
Session 3: Fuzzy

Sidra Ribela
Every Session: Clásica
Session 1: Artesana
Session 2: Besta
Session 3: Bágoas Na Choiva

Every Session: Calypso Enigma/Centennial
Session 1: 5 Alarm
Session 2: BA Lemoncello
Session 3: Hillbilly Wine

Stillwater Artisanal
Every Session: Gose Gone Wild
Session 1: Pineapple Fields
Session 2: Money Tree$
Session 3: Gose Gone Wild World Tour: Tijuana

VIP: Black Damnation XII
Every Session: Pannepot
Session 1: Rye Triple Reserva Bourbon BA
Session 2: Ypres Reserva Vintage 2011
Session 3: Tsjeeses Reserva (Port)

Suarez Family Brewery
Every Session: Palatine Pils
Session 1: Bones Shirt
Session 2: Crispy Little
Session 3: Triangular Nature

Temescal Brewing
Every Session: Hi Nelson IPA
Session 1: Summer Sweater Scotch Ale
Session 2: On a Lark Saison
Session 3: Summer Sweater Scotch Ale

The Bruery & Bruery Terreux
VIP: Black Tuesday
Every Session: Confession
Session 1: Black Tuesday 2015
Session 2: Chronology 12 Weeheavy Edition
Session 3: Poterie Bourbon BA

Three Floyds
Every Session: Zombie Dust
Session 1: Dreadnaught
Session 2: Red Death Sour
Session 3: Wig Splitter

Tired Hands
VIP: Individuation: Florid
Every Session: Ourison
Session 1: Guava Milkshake
Session 2: Red Wine BA Only Void
Session 3: Paraguesia 6 & 7

To Øl
Every Session: Mr. Pink
Session 1: Chateau Øl
Session 2: Pineapple Express
Session 3: Kaffe og Røg

Every Session: Melcher Street
Session 1: Wild Trillium
Session 2: Wild Sinister
Session 3: Double Pot & Kettle

Trois Dames
Every Session: Sauvageonne
Session 1: Grisette
Session 2: Vieille Saison
Session 3: Forêt Noire

Way Beer
Every Session: Purple High Five (Arizona Wilderness collab)
Session 1: Sour Me Not Graviola
Session 2: CeleryBration Gose
Session 3: EAPeated

Weird Beard Brew Co
VIP: Heaven and Hell
Every Session: Curse of the Ryeclops
Session 1: Bearded Nurse
Session 2: Something Something Barrel Aged
Session 3: Sadako Tequila BA

West County Cider
Every Session: Dry Strawberry Cider & Heritage Apple Cider

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