High & Mighty Radio Show #69

14 - raphael pour

This Saturday don’t miss the High & Mighty Beer Show #69 at 3:30pm.The Bros are in a sour mood. But that’s a good thing- they’ve got Raphaël Mettler, brewer at Switzerland’s Brasserie Trois Dames, on the phone, and a collection of his great wild-yeast ales in the studio. RaphaëL discusses his painstaking artisanal brewing methods and his countrymen’s under appreciation for the results of his efforts. Later in the program, the boys engage in a pickle taste-off that’s fraught with controversy-vinegar or brine? Best H & M line ever- “That’s a killin’ pickle.” . Listen live on WHMP AM1400 & 1240 and FM96.9 or get the podcast here:http://whmp.com/pages/11904106.php

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