If Music be the Food of Love . . .

Achilles Va de Moer, is a gentle, unassuming home-brewer who has all but left his job as a music teacher to realize his dream of a self-sustaining commercial brewery. Microbrouwerij Achilles (sometimes spelled Achiel, and pronounced Ah-sheel in Flemish or French) makes simple, honest beers. All of the beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized, and will re-ferment a bit in the bottle, which of course means much more flavor, and a longer shelf-life. As with any tiny craft brewery — and this one right now makes the equivalent of only about three truck-loads of beer every year — there can be variation from batch to batch, and thank goodness for that! Though they vary some, they’re always good. 

Achilles took as his symbol the Seraph, a six-winged high angel of Heaven. Seraphim are noted for their delicate celestial song, and Achilles, the musician and music teacher, hears their sweet, soothing notes as he brews the beers he named for them. Music and song are a joy and a centering point for Achilles, and the brewery.Our favorite beer so far is Celtic Angel, an interesting ale inspired by an Irish musical group that Achilles befriended. There are three other Achilles beers in the country now — be the first on your block . . .

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