Lambic in the New York Times

It must be Lambic Appreciation Month! There’s a most intriguing article (and related blog post by Eric Asimov) about lambic beer in the New York Times this morning. You can read the article here.
This follows closely on the heels of Brother Daniel’s recent screed about tradition and authenticity in lambic brewing. The tasting panel at the Times has shied away, mostly, from that issue, though Mr. Asimov does, in his blog, suggest that artificially sweet ‘lambics’ are for ‘non-critical drinking.’ Which reminds me that we owe Joe Lipa a response to his post on our blog a while back, in which we were encouraged to ‘stick to the facts.’ Well, as it happens, we’ve got loads of facts for those who are truly interested in what they’re drinking, or if they’re believers in truth in advertising (and beer labeling!).More if you want it . . .

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