Zeffer Slack Ma Girdle

Zeffer New Zealand

Slack Ma Girdle is a farmhouse style cider, made from a combination of over 50 different special cider apple varieties. On the island nation of New Zealand, actual cider apples – the kind bred to make good cider – are hard to come by. But the folks at Zeffer search out as much heirloom fruit as possible for this one, and the payoff is great. On the nose it’s sweet apple notes with tropical fruit and a hint of straw. Tart apple flavors are accompanied by pineapple, passion fruit and a blend of nuts and spice. All this is rounded off with the trademark Zeffer dry finish. No added cane sugar, artificial colors or flavorings.

ABV: 7%

Packaging: 750 ml bottles

Website: http://zeffer.co.nz/

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