West County Baldwin Cider

West County Ciders United States

“The Baldwin became one the most widely planted apples in the Northeast after its discovery in Woburn, Massachusetts, in the early 1800’s. These days, however, it is much harder to come by. The Baldwins in this cider come from trees planted in the early 1900’s. This cider is smooth and round, with a bright effervescence mid palate. It is West County’s most popular.

Since 1984, in the face of artificial sweeteners and industrial production, the Maloney family (Terry, Judith, and Field) have passionately crafted artisanal ciders that are dry, complex, and very satisfying. Today, they continue to create beautiful ciders with apples from their orchard of European, English, and traditional American varietals. “

ABV: 6.7%

Packaging: 12/750 corked and caged bottles

Website: http://www.westcountycider.com

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