ÆppelTreow Winery & Distillery United States

ÆppelTreow Winery was conceived in 2001 with the goal of producing unique beverages from exceptional apples.

Charles and Milissa McGonegal partnered with Brightonwoods Orchard, grower of uncommon heirloom apples, to build Wisconsin’s premier artisan cidery. The business is run as a truly family operation, with three generations on hand for tasks from tours to bottling.

The inspiration at ÆppelTreow Winery comes from America’s forgotten cider heritage and the farmstead ciders of rural England and France. They add their own creative touch to take cider from its barrel and mug origins to champagnes, draft style, still table wines and after-dinner aperitifs.

Brightonwoods Orchard has been perched on its southeast Wisconsin glacial hillside for over 50 years. The orchard celebrates the pastoral life and preserves nearly 200 cultivars of heirloom apples and pears. An Integrated Pest Management system reduces the chemical burden on the land. Both Orchard and Winery are active participants in farmland conservation, sustainable agriculture, local and Slow Food initiatives.



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Cidery Website: http://aeppeltreow.com/