Michael Jackson and Parkinson’s Disease


Most of you will know by now that Michael Jackson has died as a result of the Parkinson’s Disease that afflicted him for years. What you won’t know, of course, is that Parkinson’s also took virtually every member of our father’s family — with the exception of Dad himself, thankfully.


Michael announced only recently that he suffered from Parkinson’s, and was planning to write about it, but we also knew that he wouldn’t be spending nearly as much time in public as he had done, and it seemed a good idea to get the beer hunter on film while he was still somewhat active.And so it was that Daniel last month set out to interview Michael . . . not about beer, per se, but about the person, and, particularly, about the person dealing with Parkinson’s. We were able to get a few hours of footage in the bag, but knew we wanted lots more. Sadly, that’s not going to happen. We will, of course, edit what we have and will make it available as part of a larger project, but in the meantime, you can see a brief preview of the one and only interview here


**UPDATE: A longer version of the Michael Jackson interview is online now**

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