Not Just for Breakfast Anymore


With so many great new beers coming to the USA these days it’s hard to pick just one to showcase, but this week we’re picking Beer Geek Breakfast Stout. Many of you have already caught the buzz about these two guys from Denmark who are brewing in their spare time, and making some of the best stuff around. Beer Geek just arrived in our warehouse yesterday, and this first batch won’t last long.

As you’ve no doubt guessed, Beer Geek Breakfast is a coffee stout, but this one is brewed with oats, to give a creamy balance to the bitterness of the coffee and loads of roasted malts. The result is an intense, full-bodied, but highly drinkable beer. And, to the surprise of very few beer geeks in Denmark, this was just voted that country’s best beer by the leading Danish consumer’s group.

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