Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin Nordic Cherry Likor

Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin Denmark

Although the Danes have a proud tradition of making cherry liqueurs, the production has all but disappeared after being moved abroad and experiencing a fall in quality in the 1980s. But, Frederiksdal is now picking up the tradition and introducing a modern quality liqueur based on our very own Stevnsbær cherries.

Unlike traditional liqueurs, which are made of juice, sugar and alcohol, we allow the Stevnsbær cherries to ferment after the picking before we add alcohol to it. This additional step ensures greater complexity and flavour, the likes of which you probably won’t have tasted before in a traditional cherry liqueur. And to crown it all, we store the liqueur in oak barrels (mostly used cognac barrels) for at least six months before bottling. The flavour is dominated by an intense cherry sweetness and a hint of chocolate, and finishes with an irresistible citrusy zing. Good for drinks or with assorted chocolates. Mix it with a sparkling wine to make your own Kir Frederiksdal or simply enjoy a glass on its own with sweet desserts and coffee. Dagbladet

Proof: 34

Packaging: 500ml bottles

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