The Bad Elf Has Been Freed…For Now

We bring good news for the people of Connecticut and for all those who still believe in the Constitution: the state has relented! Now, while this means that Seriously Bad Elf and Warm Welcome will indeed be available to adults throughout Connecticut, it is important to note that the law itself has not been changed. This may not be the end of the saga.

But we have even more important news, and you definitely are reading this here first: BEER DRINKERS ARE SCUM! Yup, it’s true! You can read it right here.Many thanks to everyone who has called or written to us over the past few days. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, though we have to admit that our favorite email came from a fellow named Robert, who suggested that the Brothers Shelton should be ‘drown and quatered’ and have their ‘nuts roasted on an open fire.’ Now there’s a guy with a firm grasp on Constitutional issues!

Anyway, we thought it might be fun to post some of the mail we’ve received. You can find it here. And, by the way, lost in all this debate is any discussion of the beer! Let us not forget that this is what the fuss is really about — these are world-class beers that should be available to any adults, anywhere, who wish to buy them.

Again, thanks for your support.

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