The Festival 2015 — Bottle & Tap List

18th Street
VIP: Sour Note Blackberry Gose & Deal With the Devil
All Sessions: For Rent Single-Hop Citra Pale
Session 1: Hunter Vanilla Double Milk Stout
Session 2: Forman Coffee Porter
Session 3: Sour Note Flanders

7venth Sun
All Sessions: TimeBomb Session IPA
Octo Has No Friends, Victory Dance, Square Peg,
Round Hole, Saison Beams, Solar Monster,
Port BA Brett Saison Extreme

8 Wired
VIP: Mighty Imperial Ale
All Sessions: Saison Sauvin
Sessions 1 and 2: Wild Feijoa
Session 3: Batch 2.18

VIP: Double Black Mash
All Sessions: Chad, King of the Wild Yeast (Crooked Stave collaboration)
Session 1: Shadow Pictures (Grassroots collaboration)
Session 2: Lawrence of Arabica (18th Street collaboration)
Session 3: The Amazing Gotland Campfire Beer (Malmö collaboration)

Session 1: Ciderkin & Malus Cuvée
Session 2: Ginger Perry & Perennial
Session 3: Tepache (pineapple wine) & Ciderkin

Arizona Wilderness
All Sessions: Suit and tiePA
Session 1: Grape Bear Wallow Berliner Weisse
Session 2: American Presidential Stout
Session 3: Sour Guy Rye

Art Bev Coop
All Sessions: Ginger Libation

ALT in the Family
Reconnoiter Porter
Pesky Neighbor

VIP: Temple Garden Yuzu
All Sessions: Wabi-Sabi
Session 1 & 3: Natsumikan Ale
Session 2: Numazu Lager

All Sessions: Hop Ramen & Onyx Imperial Stout

All Sessions: La Vermontoise (Hill Farmstead collaboration)
Session 1: La Moneuse
Session 2: Darbyste
Session 3: Saison d’Epeautre


Impromptu, Forbidden Planet, Vignette, Whiskey Barrel Aged Double Mexican Radio, Kelsey & Greg’s Wedding Ale

Bottle Shop
All Sessions: Moor Beer B-Moor & Moor Beer Stout

Brasserie du Pays Flamand
VIP: Sour Ale Blackberry
All Sessions: Sour Ale Cassis
Session 1 & 2: Cuvée Brett White
Session 3: Cuvée Brett Red

Brasserie Dunham
VIP: Flanders Red
All Sessions: Tropicale IPA & Amicis Magicus (Jester King collaboration)
Session 1: Assemblage No. 5 & Assemblage Hors-Serie #2
Session 2: Assemblage Hors-Serie #3 & The Red Sashes
Session 3: Saison Rustique & Assemblage No. 1

All Sessions: Ribes
Session 1: Saison Sauvage
Session 2: Brillant
Session 3: Funkstarter

All Sessions: Spaghetti Western (Prairie collaboration)
Session 1: Bureaucracy IPA
Session 2: X-Ray Porter
Session 3: Galaxie Saison

All Sessions: MangoFeber & Brewski Berliner
Session 1 & 2: Grape Me Berliner Weisse & AnanasFeber
Session 3: Xenomorph Session & From Skåne with Love

Bridge Road
All Sessions: TBD & Enigma

Session 1: Far Skyline & Sky Mountain Sour (To Øl collaboration)
Session 2 & 3: Red Raspberry & Extra Stout

VIP: LHD & 2005 Gueuze
All Sessions: Kriek (on draft) and Bag-in-Box Gueuze (Year 1, 2, and 3)
Session 1: Vigneronne
Session 2: Cuvée St. Gilloise
Session 3: Mamouche

All Sessions: Mala Vida
Session 1: Negra
Session 2: Lupulus
Session 3: Malta Cuvée

Cervesa Guineu
Session 1: WIPA & Montserrat
Session 2: Jack the RIPA & Marky Ramone’s Brown Ale
Session 3: Riner & Vanilla Black Velvet

Cidrerie du Perche
All Sessions: Cidre Brut, Cidre Demi-Sec, and Poiré

Cigar City

Session 1: Lorem Ipsum (Brandy Barrel-aged Barleywine), Leon (Apple Brandy Barrel-aged Old Ale)

Session 2: Lorem Ipsum (Brandy Barrel-aged Barleywine), Endless Nameless (Bourbon Barrel-aged Stout)

Session 3: Lorem Ipsum (Brandy Barrel-aged Barleywine), Da Un Beso A La Botella (Tropical-style export stout aged in Wicked Dolphin rum barrels)

Session 1: Coniston Bluebird & Coniston Old Man Ale
Session 2: Ridgeway Imperial Barley Wine & Ridgeway Imperial Russian Stout
Session 3: Ridgeway Santa’s Butt and Ridgeway Bad Elf

All Sessions: Whoops Cranberry Hibiscus Berliner
Session 1: Brett Oxtail (Oxbow collaboration)
Session 2: TBD
Session 3: TBD

Crooked Stave
All Sessions: Vieille, Surette, CO Wild Sage
St. Bretta, Progenitor, L’Brett d’Cherry, MamaBears Sour Cherry Pie
Nightmare on Brett Cherry, Sin Frontera

Pallet 3, Pallet 4
Rare DOS – The Lost Barrels
And our freshest IPA for all sessions

De la Senne
All Sessions: Saison du Meyboom & Schieve Tabarnak (Trou du Diable collaboration)

De Molen
All Sessions: Cuvée #3
Session 1: Cease & Desist BA
Session 2: Ball & Chain
Session 3: Barley Bomb

De Ranke
All Sessions: Cuvée de Ranke
Sessions 1 & 2: XX Bitter
Session 3: Guldenberg

Dieu du Ciel!
All Sessions: Péché Mortel & Disco Soleil
Session 1: Exorciste 2015
Session 2: Or des Marais
Session 3: Dernière Volonté Brett

Drie Fonteinen
VIP: Zenne y Frontera
All Sessions: Oude Geuze & Oude Kriek

Session 1: Barretina & Power Plant
Session 2: Apassionada & Hoptimista
Session 3: Flor de la Vida & Pure Decadence (Lervig collaboration)

Pale Ale
Bornday IIPA
Java World Stout

Fonta Flora
VIP: Meemaw (Appalachian wild ale w/ High County wild cherries)
All Sessions: Bloody Butcher (Appalachian Grisette)
Session 1: Shopping Spree (tart Appalachian Kvass)
Session 2: Rhythm Rug (tart Appalachian saison w/ local strawberries)

All Sessions: Geisterzug Rhubarb
Session 1: Salzspeicher Cherry
Session 2: Abraxxxas Apple
Session 3: Salzspeicher Raspberry

Funky Buddha
All Sessions: Strawberry Basil Berliner
Session 1: Morning Wood
Session 2: Snowed In
Session 3: TBD

Fyne Ales
All Sessions: Ich Bin Ein Berryliner
Session 1: Mills & Hills
Session 2: Jarl
Session 3: Fynebank

Gravity Brewlab
All Sessions: Sunshine State of Mind
Session 1: Grodzilla (smoked sour)
Session 2: Cherry Poppins: Barrel fermented, basque style cherry cider
Session 3: Black Currant Wild Ale

Green Bench
All Sessions: Les Grisettes, Petit Provision, Sauvage Blanc, Webb’s City Cellar Series Florida Poster Girls, Monsieur Ed (St. Somewhere collab), Backpack (Cigar City collab), Wood Parade Series Manaphin Chocolate Stout, Green Bench Mead & Cider

All Sessions: Pulse Wave DIPA
Session 1: Psychokinesis
Session 2: Rainbow Dome
Session 3: Super Symmetry

Hill Farmstead
All Sessions: Anna & Table Dorothy
Session 1: Convivial Suarez
Session 2: Brother Soigne
Session 3: Clara

All Sessions: Anarkriek
Session 1 & 3: Flower Sour
Session 2: Hoftrol

All Sessions: IV Saison & V Cense

Jester King
All sessions: Noble King
Session 1: Fen Tao
Session 2: Cerveza Sin Frontera
Session 3: Amicis Mortis

Jolly Pumpkin
All Sessions: Oro de Calabaza
Session 1: Ursae Majorus
Session 2: Saison X
Session 3: Pinchadiscos

All Sessions: Koyt
Session 1: Stillwater Bloemen
Session 2: Grateful Deaf
Session 3: Coastal Gose

La Choulette
All Sessions: Lafayette
Session 1 & 3: Sans Culottes
Session 2: Framboise

Le Trou du Diable
VIP: Dulcis Succubus
All Sessions: Oude Blanche Cerise
Session 1: Pitoune
Session 2: Buteuse Brassin Special & L’Ours
Session 3: Saison du Tracteur

Les Trois Mousquetaires
VIP: Ceci n’est pas une Gueuze
All Sessions: Berliner Weisse
Session 1: Saison Brett
Session 2: Porter Baltique & Porter Baltique édition spéciale
Session 3: Gose

Les Vergers de la Colline
Session 1: CID Rose & Les Russet
Session 2: CID Original & Glace
Session 3: CID Cuivre & Api-Hop

House Saison, Sonja’s Sonnet (kiwi, mourvedre, hibiscus wild ale),
Figster (tart saison aged in bourbon barrels with orange zest and figs),
Morro Rock Saison (raw brewed tart saison with ocean water)

Session 1: Viola Lee Saison
Session 2: Acoustic Imperial Porter
Session 3: Acoustic Imperial Porter

Magic Rock
Session 1: Pina Collision & Bearded Lady (BA with cherries)
Session 2: Salty Kiss (Tequila barrel) & Cannonball
Session 3: Ginspired & Cannonball

Session 1: S’Aguia & Mas Cremat
Session 2: Vinya Hop & Black Sea
Session 3: Sour Skull & Devil’s IPA

VIP: Wineale
All Sessions: Beer Geek Big Blend
Session 1: Spontanpassionfruit
Session 2: Spontanmango
Session 3: Spontangreenapple

All Sessions: Holunderheimer
Session 1: Münchhausen
Session 2: Preussen Weisse
Session 3: Viking Gose

All Sessions: Flor Ventus
Session 1 & 3: Saison Renaud
Session 2: Vinland 3

Nøgne Ø
VIP Session: Dark Horizon 4.5

Session 1: Gamlerygene Brun, Saison Réserve, M.O.L.E. Russian Imperial Stout
Session 2: Oud Bruin, Wild Horizon (sour beer with fruit), Imperial Rye Porter
Session 3: Wild Horizon, Visage, Sparkling Sake

All Sessions: Mannenliefde (Saison with szechuan pepper, lemongrass and sorachi ace hops)
Session 1: Himbeer (Berliner Weisse with raspberries)
Session 2: Thai Thai (Belgian tripel with thai spices)
Session 3: Kinderyoga

All Sessions: Brettalicious
Session 1 & 3: Wild at Heart
Session 2: Raspberry Tart

All Sessions: Crossfade
Session 1: BA FPA #10
Session 2: Saison Dell’Aragostra
Session 3: Oxtoberfeset 12/13/14 Blend

Page 24
All Sessions: BA Imperial Stout (cognac)
Session 1: Robust Porter (Twickenham collaboration), BA Brune with cherries (red wine), Barleywine
Session 2: Robust Porter, BA Brune with cherries (red wine), BA Brune (red wine)
Session 3: BA Brune with cherries (red wine), Barleywine

Session 1: Cider Kir & Moutere Cider
Session 2: Boysenberry Cider & Moutere Perry
Session 3: Elderflower Cider & Cider Kir

VIP: 2015 Maman
All Sessions: Regalia
Session 1: 2014 Abraxas
Session 2: Peach Berliner Weisse
Session 3: Funky Wit

Session 1: Honey Bee, Barrel-aged Farmhouse Saison
Session 2: Sour Bring It IPA, Brown Berliner with Amarena Cherries
Session 3: Playa IPA, Barrel-aged Farmhouse Saison

VIP: 3rd Anniversary
All Sessions: BOMB!
Session 1: HOP!
Session 2: Funky Gold Mosaic
Session 3: Brett C

Pretty Things
All Sessions: Meadowlark
Session 1: Jack d’Or
Session 2: Field Mouse’s Farewell
Session 3: Barbapapa

Redlight Redlight
VIP: Merde de Singe (saison with tamarind)
All Sessions: Singe de Mer (Saint Somewhere collaboration: dark saison with sea monkeys!)

All Sessions: Black the RIPA
Session 1 & 3: Grandmaster
Session 2: Abundance Baltic Cherry Porter

All Sessions: Cider & Artesana


Rooie Dop
All Sessions: Chica Americana
Session 1: Three is a Magic Number (Oersoep/Brew by Numbers collaboration)
Session 2: Blue Dot Double IPA (Ruig/Hair of the Dog collaboration)
Session 3: Back to Black (Tupiniquim collaboration)

All Sessions: Blonde, Bohio, Spanish Roja

Saint Somewhere
VIP: Assoiffe
All Sessions: Lectio Divina (Rare Beer Club version)
Session 1: Crépuscule
Session 2: Anne
Session 3: Punaise de Amour

Santé Adairius
VIP: Mercy, Mercy (saison/grisette for Michelin-star restaurant)
All Sessions: Lady in Grey & Appreciation

Side Project

VIP: Derivation #3
All Sessions: Saison du Blé
Session 1: Marietta Ave
Session 2: Abricot du Fermier
Session 3: Fencerow

All Sessions: Calypso (Enigma), Mum’s the Word (AZ Wilderness collaboration), Maiden 2014

VIP: Ypres Reserva 2011
Session 1: Rye Triple Reserva (bourbon barrel)
Session 2: Obelis & Black Albert
Session 3: Aestatis & Danko Power Session IPA

All Sessions: Train to Mars
Session 1: Extra & Fièvre de Cacao
Session 2: Ambree & Petit Princesse
Session 3: Extra & Dalva

To Øl
VIP: Yeastus Christus
Session 1: Nordic by Nature & Fuck Art The Heathens Are Comin!
Session 2: Gose to Hollywood & Sur Amarillo
Session 3: Nelson Survin & Spildt Maelk

VIP: Sugar Kane
Session 1 & 2: Zona Cesarini
Session 1 & 3: Kaleidoscope (Evil Twin collaboration)
Session 2 & 3: Okie Matilde (Prairie collaboration)

Trois Dames
All Sessions: Sin Frontera (Crooked Stave/Jester King collaboration)
Session 1: l’Amoureuse Rouge & Saison Framboise
Session 2: l’Amoureuse Blanche & Grande Dame
Session 3: l’Amoureuse Blanche & La Tentation

Way Beer
Session 1: Sour Me Not Acerola & Amburana Barley Wine
Session 2: Sour Me Not Graviola & Purple High Five
Session 3: Sour Me Not Caju & Sour Barley Wine

Weird Beard
Session 1: Little Things That Kill & Faceless Spreadsheet Ninja
Session 2: Little Things That Kill & Sadako
Session 3: Black Perle & Double Perle

All Sessions: Westvleteren XII

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