Where the Wild Beers Are

Something fun is taking place in Minneapolis soon. The event is officially called Where the Wild Beers Are. It is being put on by a guy we call Jeff Two Wallets, from Twin Cities Imbiber, and hosted by the good folks at Stub & Herbs. Sunday August, 17th is the date, and sign up is required for those that are interested. Check the Where the Wild Beers Are website for that.The event seems a bit unique, in that it is being billed as a “collaborative tasting” or a “sour share”. Basically, you bring a good bottle of a commercially produced sour or wild beer and donate it to gain admission. Those donations will make up the core of the tasting selection for the day. See their website for more details. Sounds like a good excuse to share some unique beers with others who are bound to appreciate them. If you haven’t much experience with these sorts of beers, we suggest you find a bottle of Cantillon, Drie Fonteinen, Jolly Pumpkin, Panil Barriquée, Flemish Primitive, Fantome…have I left anything out?

Oh yeah, there’s the Kriek from De Ranke, plus their latest release Cuvee…there’s a new release from Haandbryggeriet called Haandbakk…Old Odense Ale from Nørrebro Bryghus…whoa, do we import some good sour beers or what?! The point of this wasn’t to brag, though…just to suggest that you ought be able to find a good “wild” beer to contribute if you want to take a walk on that side, babe…

We also know that a keg of Cantillon Iris will be pouring during this event. That sounds like reason enough to go right there. Attendance is limited, so get signed up soon…

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