Mikkeller/Meierer Beer Geek Riesling

Mikkeller Denmark

A wine with a smooth elegance.

Clear light green color with a slightly fizzy touch from the well balanced acidity to this pleasantly fruity sweetness. The nose makes you think of elder flower, honey melon and also a variety of floral scents.

The palate is slightly oily, and the mineral part makes its big entrance in the aftertaste with an almost chalky impression that characterizes wines from Mosel. The sweetness evolves into a smooth acidity that gives the wine a new level of character. Along with the stone fruit and melon, you also get some fresh green notes such as a seedy feeling or the taste of young green grapes.

This is a semi dry Riesling that has a lovely balance between sweetness and acidity, which makes it very pleasant and easy to drink.
It should be served chilled from the fridge to get the most of its sparkling freshness. Afterwards it evolves in the glass, revealing more fruity notes. If served too warm you will not experience the full complexity of this elegant wine, as the alcohol will then overshadow unnecessarily.

A pure summer pleasure.

ABV: 11.00%

Packaging: 750 ml bottles

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