With a name like Slaapmutske

. . . . it has to be good. And, indeed, it is. A few years back, brewer Dany de Smet bravely accepted our challenge to make Belgium’s hoppiest tripel, and the result was Triple Nightcap, a refreshing take on this classic Belgian style. Obviously this isn’t a new beer to the US, but Slaapmutske on draft is new, and we’re thrilled to announce the imminent arrival of Dany’s first shipment of kegs. This will be a rare treat, but we’ll do what we can to spread the love as broadly as possible. That’s the way Dany would have it, and to be honest, this is possibly the nicest guy in Belgium, so we’ll pretty much do anything he asks.Slaapmutske draft is unfiltered and unpasteurized, and is conditioned in the keg for superior flavor and freshness. It’s hoppy, but not harshly so, and, thankfully, is refreshingly absent the cloying sweetness so common in Belgian tripels these days.OK, people . . . . it’s time to have a little chat with your local publican. These won’t be around long.

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