Lauren Shepard

Lauren stumbled upon a passion for beer, cider, and mead while working part time at West Lakeview Liquors and as a freelance theatre director in Chicago. When she found herself frequently and passionately telling the stories of Shelton Brothers beers and ciders at the shop, she realized how nicely her interests overlapped.

After leaving Chicago for Boulder, Colorado, she joined the Shelton Brothers team, and continues to tell new stories out west. She now curates Shelton Brothers’ cider and mead selection, as well as all things New Zealand, and has successfully convinced many a beer drinker to branch out to cider, so to speak.

In Colorado, she’s teamed up with local performance group The Catamounts to create the FEED series of food and performance events. As the director of the series, she’s paired Hogan’s Dry Cider with a Lawrence Ferlinghetti poem and Slaapmutske’s Dry-Hopped Lager with an experimental dance piece about society’s complicated relationship with salt. Don’t be surprised if she tells you a traditional Hopi folktale about the darkness of a year without corn if you ask her for more information about CCM! Negra Stout.

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