Ryan Miller

Along the frothy, white-capped shores of the Wachusett Reservoir, near the intersection of Route 70 and Route 62, a wizard was born out of sticks and mud.  His alchemical obsessions led him down a winding path of toil and trouble, fires burning, and cauldrons bubbling.

Now working as a member of the “Dream Team Brew Crew” at Shelton Brothers Importers Inc., he surveys their vast apothecary of ancient ales and loquacious lagers, performing all sorts of magikal tricks and treats in order to bring the best brews to all those in the land. How does he do it you ask? Only his darkest acolytes and conjured familiars really know…

Other Members of the Team:

Christian Gregory

Charlene Kosmider

B.R. Rolya

Lauren Shepard

Tessa Shelton

Ann Shelton

Jordan DeFrank

Geoff Sampson

Ryan Miller