Cold Hand Malus Danica 2014 Cuvée Barrique

Cold Hand Winery Denmark

From the producer –

Malus Danica 2014 is a cryoconcentrated apple wine made from Ingrid Marie Elstar and Jonagold apples – picked when perfectly ripe and pressed immediately. The juice was then frozen in a freezer room.
Freezing the juice and then thawing it gradually outdoors at around freezing point concentrates it into a thick, viscous apple syrup, which was then slowly cold-fermented at the winery for 12 months. After fermentation the wine was aged in used oak barrels for 4 months.
The result is an intense apple taste with high acidity and syrupy sweetness that fills the mouth with an extraordinary and surprising flavour.
Malus Danica should be served cooled at 5-10 C with good cheese, porc – or as a taste experience in its own right.”

ABV: 12.0%

Packaging: 15/375ml

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