De La Senne Wadesda

De La Senne Belgium

Brasserie De La Senne’s series of experimental beers.

  • Wadesda #1 – Jambe de Bois with addition of Cantillon lambic, oak aged, and bottle-refermented. 8.5% abv
  • Wadesda #2 – Qroontje, brewed on express demand of the largest Flemish Dentists’ association, is a Belgian wit – however, NOT in the ubiquituous Hoegaarden style, but more in the line of Leuvense Peeterman, Neeryssche Dobbel-wit or other historic wheatbeers (wit has to be translated as tarwe, wheat; not as white). The name is a reference to something dentists like to make, as to the peculiar spelling, the label says it all. 4.0% abv
  • Wadesda #3 – A 5.0% handcrafted golden ale refermented in the bottle.
  • Wadesda #4 – A 6.0% hoppy golden ale.
  • Wadesda #5 – A 5.5% Belgian ale brewed with regular Perle hop pellets.
  • Wadesda #6 – A 5.5% Belgian ale brewed with freeze dried Perle hops.
  • Wadesda #7 – A 5.5% A traditional saison, blended with Cantillon Lambic


Style: Experimental

ABV: Various

Packaging: 330ml bottles; KeyKeg (20L)

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