8 Wired/Nøgne Ø/Renaissance Ø for Awesome

8 Wired New Zealand

A cross-hemispheric brew from the ends of the earth. In November 2011, Kjetil Jikiun of Nøgne Ø fame traveled down to Blenheim, to join 8 Wired and Renaissance to create Ø for Awesome. The plan was to brew a beer that was a three way split of Stonecutter Scotch Ale, HopWired, and Batch #100. On brew day, due to a hop shortage and a batch of non-optimal yeast, it turned into more of a New Zealand version of Batch #100.

Style: Red Ale

ABV: 9.0%

Packaging: 500ml bottle, 30L keg

Brewer Website: http://8wired.co.nz

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