Weird Beard Tsujigiri

Weird Beard England

From the brewer:

“Tsujigiric ‘crossroads killing’ describes the impulsive act of a Samurai testing out his new sword on a random individual or passer-by. Not far removed from an “impulse brew”, this is not your everyday IPA but can be drunk like one.

Conceived by the BrewDog Shepherds Bush GM and a couple of our brewers, the idea was a fresh Japanese inspired IPA, fermented with sake yeast and yuzu. We brided the citrus character of the yuzu with the lemon sherbet quality of one of our favorite hops, Sorachi Ace, which originated from Japan. It also includes Chinook to complement the spice of the sake yeast. Sipping on the beer you get the IPA bitterness through the tangy lemon and fresh herbs, rounding off refreshing and balanced.”

WEIRD BEARD skull tsujigiri

Style: IPA

ABV: 6.20%

Packaging: 30L KeyKeg

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