La Sirène Australia

From the brewery:

“La Sirène Brewing began as a response to a calling to create modern day artisanal farmhouse-style beers with character and identity, which quickly evolved into our life-long obsession. Starting life as gypsy brewers in the Victorian Highlands, our artisan brewing adventures swiftly led us to creating our own Urban Farmhouse Brewery next door to the Darebin Creek & National Park in inner-city Melbourne, Australia.

Blessed with naturally pure soft water, indigenous wild yeast within our brewery, including the national parkland surroundings and at the mercy of unpredicatble Melbourne weather, we consider ourselves ‘Farmhouse Free Stylers’, as well as mixed, wild and spontaneous fermentation yeast wranglers & alchemists!

An independent family owned & operated Urban Farmhouse Brewery, we are akin to modern-day ‘Saisonniers’ striving for Artistry in brewing; the intrigue of the unknown is what drives us, exploring & pioneering techniques and unique flavour profiles is what inspires us.

We focus on producing New World Farmhouse beers in our House Style with finesse, texture and above all crisp drinkability in humble honour of these age-old styles. Try one of our many Farmhouse beers or Saisons today and let us know what you think.”


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