Les Vergers de la Colline CID Rosé Cider

Les Vergers de la Colline Canada

The CID Rose pours a striking bright pink with soft, persistent, bubbles. Delicate aromas of rose petals and cherries back a burst of strawberry. On the palate, it is dry and very bubbly and reveals notes of cherry pie, red currants and blackberries, and again a fresh strawberry backbone. The aromas, flavor, and color are all from the apples. The cidery macerates apple peels with the must for a while before the fermentation process begins, a unique technique that gives the cider its beautiful color. Enjoy it as an aperitif in a flute, or a refreshing pint on a warm sunny day.

ABV: 6.50%

Packaging: 355ml bottles

Website: http://www.lesvergersdelacolline.com/

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