Les Vergers de la Colline Le Glacé

Les Vergers de la Colline Canada

A Québec original, this ice cider is golden blond in color, with fresh and exuberant mouth-watering scents of hazelnut, and peach fragrances. It has an intense and velvety taste with a dominance of apple followed by a hint of enticing butterscotch and vanilla. Full bodied, finely inlaid balance of acidity and sugar with a very nice length. The must obtained from frozen fruit pressed in January is frozen again. That intensifies sugar concentration before low temperature fermentation begins, which preserves and seals every flavor and aroma. Excellent from beginning to end, lovely with a foie gras mousse, or to enhance blue cheese, and delicious with French pastries.

ABV: 8.00%

Packaging: 375ml bottles

Website: http://www.lesvergersdelacolline.com/

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