Mjödhamnen Le Vin de Miel

Mjödhamnen Sweden

In April of 2011, Mjödhamnen mobile meadery parked in the picturesque region of Björnlunda, a small community in the Swedish landscape Sörmland, on the Jakobsbergs estate, where beekeeper Dan Levin tends over 300 communities of bees.

He is also chairman of Swedish Landscape Honey, an organization that sells single source honey that features the name of the place where the honey came from and the beekeeper who harvested it on each jar. With Le Vin de Miel, he gets his own name, not on a jar, but on bottles of mead made out of honey from his very own beehives.

The honey in this dry mead is quite typical for the areas around Björnlunda. It is delicate and very smooth. The mead is dominated quite clearly by white clover and raspberry, but has small hints of bilberry blossom.

Fermentation started April 2011 in Väte, with honey from 2010.

ABV: 12.1%

Packaging: 750ml cork finished bottles

Website: http://www.mjodhamnen.se

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